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More Cowbell

I know this is old but it has me in stitches over and over again. Enjoy!


Ok, saa var jeg nok selv uden om det. Jeg beundrede Heidis morgen-routine og luftede idèen om et routine-tag i blogland. Logisk nok taggede Heidi saa mig. Saa here goes: min morgen-routine (uden haar, men det er vasket og foentoerret head-down =). Lidt graenseoverskridende at vise sig frem uden ansigt paa, men hey; det skulle vaere saa sundt at skubbe sine graenser lidt =). Jeg tagger Anna og Moccapigen men alle er inviterede - kom nu kom nu, det er faktisk sjovt =)

Back on my feet

I have been sick. I am never sick, but when I am it is always due to stress. Nothing new this time around;  I have been stressed and a bit worried about moving here, getting myself sorted out financially, workwise and personally. I already felt tired and wornout Friday (I even missed Kulturnatten =( but I only surrendered Saturday evening, went to bed, overheated and with a sore throat. And I woke up yesterday morning, feeling good enough to get up and lounge around the apartment. Sorting out the last clothes, doing a bit of laundry, cooking a bit of soup and then have frequent breaks and teas.  Today I am totally back on my feet, feeling YEAH and ready to do my try-out-day at work.  There really isn't much more to tell, (and I don't want to jinx anything by telling more, my Italian heritage shows its ugly face =)) - while I do my stuff, you might want to check out my (taaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaah here) ALLTIME FAVOURITE BLOG: Luxirare . This chick does... magic with food and fash

Tah-dah list

woke up in my own bed, way too early. But I got up, got dressed, had breakfast and followed M to finish and print out applications.  This is not the best part of moving here, I am tired of sitting down  in front of computer to try and sell myself in a language I do not master anymore and much preferred to move boxes up stairs and decorate room.  But I did 8 of them, for jobs I have no experience doing  sent 3 applications and landed 1 interview.** Friday. Wish me luck. * oh and i helped save a kitten from drowning on the harbour. Well. Somebody else got it out of the water, I just took it home and tortured it with a towel.  So much for feline elegance... ** (my first in Dk)


Hvad er en facer ? 

og en anden frakke kan vaere nødvendig*

• Brug af en bomuld bolden dyppes i neglelakfjerner, tør alle gamle neglelak før maleri negle. Vask hænder og lægges i blød i varmt vand i et par øjeblikke.  • Med en orangewood stick, skub tilbage cuticles, så de er alle selv med hinanden, når vandet har blødgøres huden.  • Med søm neglesaks, skønhed saks eller et søm fil, forme dine negle jævnt.  • Med en rolig hånd, omhyggeligt maling kun spidsen af hver søm med en hvid nuance. En anden frakke kan være ønskeligt, afhængig af tykkelse og opaqueness af polsk. Tillad polske tørre mellem frakker.  • Brug en lidt gennemsigtig pink eller nøgen farver, maling hele nail når tips har tørret. En anden frakke kan være nødvendig. Tillad negle tørre grundigt.  • Når alle frakker har tørret, gælder en klar topcoat for at beskytte din nye franske manicure. At forlænge den manicure's levetid, gøre en indsats for at male et klart frakke på hver nat. Vær sikker på, at det er rigelig tid til at tørre helt.  • Hvis du føler særl

Smells like.... Mormor

My staircase smells like mormor. She lived with my morfar here in Frederiksberg. I felt strangely sure about this place, this apartment from the start and I couldn't just dismiss it as a question of taste, (I love these tall rooms, these wooden floors in these beautiful houses, the stucco on the ceilings) it felt like something else.  It just hit me walking up the stairs yesterday; this is why I felt safe here immediately, this is why I trusted my intuition to live here.  My mormor was a very strong woman in a very quiet kind way. She controlled (silently) my morfar totally and he died within a couple of years when she died. I am still convinced he died of sorrow, he had no reason to live when she was not around anymore. He was a loud, bragging, dominating character with a profound passion for food in any form or shape. I am sorry that my passion for food surfaced after he passed away; I am convinced we could have shared some good meals, though his passion was for massive amounts

In love already

I had just the kind of Sunday I dreamed about when imagining coming back to Dk. Slow, lazy Sunday mornings with long coffees, lit candles, John Mayer on the stereo and a fire lit (bonus). Then brother arrived with wife and 2 whirlwind-kids, just happy to see me after the initial disappointment of not having to take a plane to come see me. They brought gifts, homemade chocolate cake, a fave Barolo and a huge plant that I love and then they set off to jump in my bed (the kids that is....). Later we went out for lunch and then footballgame in the Park. I am not much into football, but I am very much into seeing Bro unwind and become totally relaxed, a kid again. His thing, and I sure love to see him do it. I had one to many beers ( but followed the game nicely and at least managed to yell and boo and cheer in the right places for the right reasons =) ) so I walked home afterwards through the fabulous, eternal nightfall that I so love in Denmark. Everything becomes such a unique shade of b

I am not lost. Everything else is

Okay. I have a tiny problem finding my way around. M and I jokes (actually he jokes, I just laugh along as if I find it funny) that if I ever got to Italy in the first place, it was probably because I took a wrong turn somewhere. And that it took me 15 years to come back to Denmark because of my missing sense of direction. Haha, very funny. Anyway. I don't really see this as a problem*. Or maybe I just learned to live with it. Fact is, it is sort of serious. Take two turns right and one left in rapid succession, and now go back to where you started from. I can't. Well, I can if I draw little lines and figures in the air with my fingers and really really concentrate, but it makes my day and feels like a huge victory. So it is *that* serious. If I go for a walk I decide on one of two things to do. Give up trying to find my way around, just enjoy the walk and then necessarily have to ask people for directions to get back to where I started from. Or simply move in one direction onl

Daring parallel

Disclaimer: Nerdy obsessive food-observations follow: I came up with a parallel yesterday that I have been struggling to formulate but just couldn't pinpoint properly. Then I sort of mentally dismissed it as uninteresting stuff (my BF call me nerdy about food and often I shut my trap about my observations), thinking they might be uninteresting to people who isn't so ... obsessed. But then I came upon   Stensamlers tweet and I felt ... comforted. She writes: " de danske sandwiches med alt det der 1000-et-eller-andet-snask, de ALTID putter i ". She lives in Italy (too) but while her observation is almost identical to mine, the parallel I will draw (sooner or later =)) is all mine. Here goes: In my opinion much Danish food is very... abundant in ingredients. My man and I stopped for lunch in a local roadside cafè and ordered the omelette with tomatoes. Nice and simple, I had mouthwatering visions of fluffy eggy omelette, maybe (please please) with small sweet Danish tom


... my brain can't wrap itself around the fact that everyone around me speak Danish, and that I, who (modest, I know) normally speak very very well and in a very correct manner, am reduced to a spluttering, stammering freak who has not got a proper language.  There is no way I can come up with stuff to cook. My Italian heritage suggest pasta, vegetables and my usual lighter fusion-stuff, but the climate tells me it's time for the heavier soups, pastasauces,  polenta with meat and more meat. None of it makes sense as I cannot shop as usually. I skip the precooked stuff but sorely lacks the basics, the good tomatosauces, the cuts of meat I am used to, the veggies. I know it is just a matter of time and that this will be a lovely challenge to face, to learn to use the lovely Danish veggies, to appreciate the Danish cuisine and hopefully integrate the Italian with the Danish over time. But I still have to put something in my mouth 3 times a day, so I tend to eat a lot of ryebread,


A huge steak and Amarone is a miracle cure for everything.  My throat is sore as hell - I'm very psychosomatic - I have been holding back tears all day so obviously now I'm choking on them. Literally. I needed comfort food so I bought the biggest steak I could find and a nice bottle of Amarone; it's about time I give myself a break. And I haven't been eating all day with all those mixed emotions choking me. I realize this is breaking my heart. I feel torn between my love for Italy and my want for Denmark, for more civilized behavior and  mentality, a bit more order. My love for Italy have nothing to do with logic. I love Italy to pieces even knowing that I cannot live here, cannot endure it anymore. But at the same time the sheer amount of hope, of possibilities that seem to open up to me in Denmark seduces me into believing I can actually live there. Yes, I know things might not be so peachy in Denmark, I know things may have changed, that I see it as the promised land


I am alive, and very very busy. My internet at home isn't working very well, and it just doesn't seem worth the bother to start calling Telecom customer service now. Oxymoron if there ever was one =). Where do I start ? Today is my last day at work- it is hurriedly trickling away through my fingers and I am telling myself it is just work, but I know I might need to cry just a tiny bit tonight when I get home. I am quite tear-prone these days and I have been working here for more than 3 years. I started preparing my departure in earnest on the 1st of September and things have been developing just fine, from my handing in my notice, to the written sorting-out-departure-conditions. I might have found a nice room in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen untill I find my feet and gets around to finding an apartment with my love. I will know tonight and if it *is* the place for me, then I will have a place to send all my stuff to, when I go to the transport-company tomorrow to pick up boxes. The

Whoa Nick

i thought you were kidding me. Università degli studi di Milano compares the garbino wind to the föhn that induces these symptoms . BBC Weather has this to say about it: It is the name of the wind that blows in the European Alps, but is now used as a generic term for any similar lee wind. It gains its warmth from the air being compressed as it descends down the lee slope of a mountain and historically has been blamed for symptoms such as headaches, depression and even suicide among people living in its path.* *Might I add: ....symptoms such as whiskeydrinking, excessive thinking, insomnia and urges to watch American Psycho for the umpteenth time...


It is yet another one of those hot stormy nights that leave me rest- and sleepless. I still haven't figured out what exactly makes the difference; the direction of the wind, my biorhythms, the cycle of the moon, whatever. Fact is; once in a while I have one of these night. Deep ones. I feel strangely elated as if waiting for something big to happen. I need to feel the weather physically, I seek the open windows, the wind in my hair, the sound of it in my ears. And I cannot distract myself from it; it feels like an enormous force, like something calling me; beckoning me to be part of it. I long to get out in it; to open my arms and feel it. It always happens at night, and I have had these nights for a great part of my life. I have one childhood memory of me lying in my bed, listening to the wind and waiting for that weird blue light you always see in movie-bedrooms but rarely IRL. I have another memory of a friend and I running outside to dance in the storm at night; it was raining


This is mobile blogging and i can't wait to see if it works


As the weekend is creeping closer (c'mon, hurry) I realize I might be spreading myself a bit too thinly this weekend. I spent my evening finding movers yesterday, having a row with my flatmate and I suspect that what I really need is a quiet looooong evening in bed with Lost or a nice book. Instead I found myselv signing up for an evening out with 3 of my best friends, even though I promised my dad to take care of the bl**dy mailserver that ran amok this week.  I promised to go swimming tomorrow with another friend and her family and in the evening I'm off to Florence for a b-day party. I am in dire need of a bit of fun, so I ought to do it all and take a break from the whole moving-thing; I'm thinking about it 24/7 lately.  Actually I've got news concerning work too, but I will tell more when I know more and am certain =). Yet another item off my Tadaaaah!list. So have a nice weekend everybody!

Wish they would broadcast this in Italy

While I take driving very seriously (probably because I don't drive much) I found this video on boardsmag (one of my favourite sources for good ads) to be almost too graphic and violent.  On the other hand, a lot of people have accidents due to lack of concentration behind the wheel, and it might be a good thing if watching this might "scare" somebody into concentration and thus save lives. In Italy people drive drunk, drive texting and speaking on their phones, and they do it as if they were immortal.  You have been warned though; this is *very very graphic*. If you would like to read more about this video, here's the link  *while I would love to show this to my collegues, they would fare le corna ( explanation here under "superstition" and recoil in horror**. **I love the "When confronted with unfortunate events, or just when these are mentioned or suggested, a person wanting to avoid that fate could resort to the sign of the horns to ward off bad l

Errata corridge

Ok. So I might have been a tad optimistic there. With good reason though, she told me we were square with this last rent. Turns out we're not; she needs my whole deposit to pay whatever bills arrive once I'm gone. I tried to reason with her; we never paid that much in bills. And it is not like I am going away to disappear forever. Ought to be simple math; I leave her whatever we spend usually and a little more for anything unforeseen. Or I transfer money. She would hear no reason. So I told her to take my deposit and infilarselo su per il culo . I realize I might be a tad on the edge as well, and just a little overworked. But hell. She was my roommate for almost 3 years, and I sort of thought of her as a friend.


ooooh have I been busy these days. I started to make my preparations in earnest on September 1st and I'm exhausted already. My Tadaaaah!list is shorter though: I found the transport company that will ship my shoes, my books, my crystalglasses, my bags and basically everything else I have accumulated in 15 years. They ship once every week, on Thursdays and I can expect my habengut to arrive in Denmark on the following Tuesday. And they will do it for a modest 70 euro per cubic meter. Kind of funny to sum up my life here in cubic meters; but I will =).I found out how to pack my stuff (Vacuum, baby Vacuum) and found the machinery (didn't buy it yet, but I will) that reduces my cubic meters with half =). I dug out my work contract to find out how long a notice I need to give; made the count of dough I need to get, and got a general idea of all the administrative b*ll*cks I need to take care of before I leave. And of course my Tadaaaah!list includes yet another handful of smaller

DK 4

Can't wait to wear my highest heels in Denmark and not look like a tranny or a freak.

Slowly but steadily...

I plan to clean out my kitchen cupboards in preparation for Dk. I have kilos and litres of staples; flours, nuts, almonds, sugar, honey, oil, vinegar and canned goods. You name it. As part of the challenge of it all (oh yeah, I'm high!) I would like to leave nothing behind and take nothing with me when I come back. Even though my flatmate ought to be happy to finish anything I fail to use. So from today I will try to cook with what I have got and buy only the strictly necessary - stuff that goes in the fridge. This ought to fun, and as my friend A brought me fresh pumpkin from her little garden patch yesterday, today I'm cooking tepid Pumpkin-soup with almonds and a few Pumpkin scones. I found the recipes here and here (in Italian only, sorry) as I have never cooked with pumpkin. I will let you know how it turns out=)

Anticipating Autumn

I tell myself I can already feel the autumn coming, but I know perfectly well that it isn't true. I see a few leaves falling and think happily about long autumn evenings in Denmark, hearing the wind howling outside and reading a good book while nursing a hot cup of tea. Or knitting. Or sowing. Or cooking the favourite foods of my love. It rained all of last night. Was about bloody time too, pressure and humidity in the air has been building up over this past week. Nothing strange about that; I have been waiting and longing for this downpour to freshen up things a bit, it is still 29° at night. But my longing mind hastily jumps to conclusions; autumn is here and I'm late for leaving for Denmark. Fact is I spent the whole day in the swimmingpool, came back now and is still dripping with sweat. Italy is still hot. Fact is I will probably wish I was back here in three months' time; I'll want my Italian food, my Italian wine, my friends and the easygoing charm that Italians

Mama, I'm coming home

I am so so so ready to come home. I am all senses in order to soak up everything these last two months here. I feel like I'm drinking the sunshine, the weather, the sea, the flowers, the trees, the language, the colors and the perfumes. And stowing it away; as much I can take. I know coming back to Denmark will be hard; I'll be leaving my friends (painstakingly collected and cultivated) of 15 years, I'll be leaving a mentality I've gotten used to; a climate that I love and a language that is bound to fall apart little by little from not getting used much. Of course I plan to make new friends, find a lovely job, a lovely apartment and get used to Danish weather. Heck, you've got Hygge when weather's bad right ? Candy, hot chocolate, movies (in English, oh bliss) and I even got someone to share it with. But even if I know it's gonna be tough, I feel like this might be my biggest adventure to date. Who would have thought coming home could be the biggest adventu


Glaeder mig til at komme hjem og skraale med paa dèn her sang. I KOR med nogen! Anyone ?


Jeg kan ikke vente med at komme ind til KFC paa Raadhuspladsen med M i haanden og blive hilst med "hej M og T, skal det vaere det saedvanlige ?"


I think I might be reaching the limit of what I will take bicycle-wise. This morning, going to work, i found a baby on the route to work. Quietly sitting there in his pacifier and nappies in the middle of the road. His mother was chatting to another woman a few feet away. Not even noticing people going by, swearing loudly as they passed her (apparently) not-very-important baby. I realize I am rambling on about my bike a lot, but it is a very important break to me. Going to work in the morning along the river, enjoying the landscape, the water and the weather used to be a pleasure. Coming back from work helped me de-stress and unwind and I would usually come home relaxed and a little more mellow. Now (probably with the heat and the summertime) it is a sodding obstacle-race. I ring my bell and squeeze my turtle (yeah, I've got one) to make noise, but people will be standing still in the middle of the road, speaking to their friends. Or letting dogs loose to have a nice run. Or get ri


I spent my day watching movies (in bed), eating (in bed), slumbering (yeah, well, guess...) and surfing the web. I'm so hungover my

Open letter to L.

Hi dearest...and thank you lots for your sms, I didn't know how to get in touch with you and I had only that number. Please send me another number to call you on asap =). So. How is Holland ? You getting used to it ? It must be so.... different. All the smallest things, the perfumes when you go out, the food you eat, the language around you. The climate. Everything that constantly reminds you that you are not in Italy anymore. Try and hold on to the sensitivity it gives you, all your senses being bombed with new impressions. That's the fun part, I still remember it from my coming to Italy =). How about the house then ? You say there's a lot to do there. I gather you're still moving in, painting and stuff ? I hope you won't become all serious and responsible by this great adventure. That you don't take it too seriously. Think of it as a new start, a new beginning. A new way to apply yourself, maybe the biggest challenge of your life 'till now. I miss you thou

DK 1

aaah jeg skal hjem og smage paa guleroedder . Og moede ligesindede som osse kan smage saebe i dem.

Maaa Maa Maa Oh Toh Toh


I'm painting again. And it is so gratifying. And weird how it looks so shitty and revealing in the night  and seems to tell everything about you. And then in the morning it looks all neat and mystical and artsy. Well, save it 'till the morning after . *oooh, love how some You-Tuber named this "save a player" **oooh, wanted to tag this "me, music and tipsy-ish". I have no tipsy-tag. How come somebody so tipsy-prone as me have no tipsy-tag??? *** will just go to bed now

Triple Tone love

I'm mad about this song these days:

Burn, burn, yes ya gonna burn

Sankt Hans. I miss Denmark and everything in it tonight. So I'm just gonna sit here alone and sulk, get tipsy-ish on cheap wine, listen to Rage Against The Machine and maybe take my frustrations out on a  few canvases  (it's correct; I checked=)) I stashed. To you then:

Your horoscope - Week of June 22, 2009

You may wonder why you're feeling so emotional* on Monday. There's a New Moon in Cancer that may coincide with powerful dreams and a feeling that you need to spend some time alone. The New Moon also opposes Pluto and may coincide with a situation or relationship about which you need to make a decision. This may have been building up for some time and now you need to take action. Your love life looks pretty hot**, and it brings relief and a feeling of support no matter what's going on in other areas of your life. * For crying a bit while those girls were doing their bellydances ??? Perfectly normal; they were soooo beautiful and the music was great ** Yeah,  it's sizzling!  I haven't seen my love life for ... what?... a month?  Two??


I almost crashed on my bike this morning. Yes, I go fast but I pay much attention to people and cars, as they don't pay attention to you. Part of the route to work (most of it) goes along the river, it is clearly marked as a bicycle-route put people will bring their dogs (without a leash), toddlers and grandfathers along for a quiet stroll. And my fingers will hurt by the time I get to work, from ringing my bell over and over and over to warn people I am coming. This morning a guy was playing on his mountainbike, going fast-ish. I figured he had seen me as he looked back a couple of times and the visibility is perfect on that long stretch. He was taking up all of the space available, so when I was 10 m behind him I started to ring my bell furiously to let him know I was about to overtake him. He moved to the right without looking back and I sort of assumed he'd heard me and moved closer to get past him. He makes a huge curve to the left and almost (I hit the brakes and lose con


I dreamt (amongst other things) that my bicycle and my purse was stolen. Even though I tend to understand my dreams pretty well (I practise) I looked it up on It says (and confirm what i thought : Theft: To dream that you are (sic) a victim of theft, indicates that others are wasting your time and stealing energy and ideas. Perhaps you feel robbed in some way. Purse: To dream that you lost your purse, denotes loss of power and control of possessions. It also suggests that you may have lost touch with your real identity. Interesting huh ?


I have been on a detox "diet" since Friday. Actually it is the first time in my life that I watch what I eat, but as I definitely have a tendency to overindulge in anything good and felt a bit weak physically, I decided to give it a go. So i had all "good" stuff from Friday morning til Tuesday morning. Decoction of garlic (oh, my collegues loved that one =)), claywater ,  and Sole made from Himalayan Salt.  All this every morning on an empty stomach. The rest of the day I would eat only vegetables, fruit, cereal and legumes, no dairy products, meat or white bread. I drank my usual 3 l of water and added up with tea. No alcool, but yes I had my morning coffee. And I didn't lay off the cigarettes. Anyway. I am not a fanatic and I have never done it. I just ate what seemed right and threw in a few extras. While it wasn't exactly funny (I love meat, pasta and fried stuff) it sure made a difference. I noted an improvement in all of my senses, it's hard to ex


i have become all selfconscious about blogging again. Enough said. For fear of people giving up on me and thinking I'll never blog again (I will. I just have to... get over this irrational fear of writing. Or maybe actually live a little so I might have something real to blog about =)), here is: Traminersyrup with pears and black pepper: (fab with cheese or with yoghurt or icecream... experiment a bit =). 3 big pears ,* wash them well and cut into slices or dice. Keep the cores and dice them as well. Only don't peel them as apparently the starch in the peel is needed for the syrup to thicken. 300 ml of leftover Traminer. (yeah, right, who doesn't finish the bottle once you opened it) Sugar. You'll need as much as the weight of the cooked pears (we'll get to that part) 20 grains of black pepper. Cook the pears in the wine for approx half an hour. Pass the whole mess through a sieve and then through a clean piece of cheesecloth. Very annoying but necessary, you need a


So it took me some time to finally sit down and write again. And obviously i'm feeling all selfconscious and weird about it now. I have been wanting to write for weeks and here I am. Without words and without knowing where I should possibly start. Or end for that sake. Well, a lot of things has happened. Not only this last month but over the last months, i just wasn't ready to write about it yet. Not that I know I am ready now, my words will just have to show; I'm determined to ramble on for as long as I can =). Here goes then: 1. I sort of lost motivation work-wise . And I got it back again. Loads. And in very round-about-but-isn't-it-ironic-way. More in another post. 2. I fell in love. Again. And oh, am I living the fairytale. More than anyone can imagine. I like to think I'll write more about it in another post; it definitely deserves one of its own. 3. I decided to come back to Denmark. For good. Actually I resolved not to decide anything, but just brainstorm

Who said classical music is boring ?

Wordle of K-blog


Universe Smiles Back at You Remix feat. Miss K

I go to work by bike, and I'm always listening to music. Not too loud; I want to be able to hear some traffic, it is too dangerous to close totally off to the world. This morning, the not-so-loud volume on Joe T. Vanellis' housemix in my ears, allowed me to hear the housemusic that came out the windows of a car, waiting for the stoplight like me. It was totally in sync with my music, and it remained that way for almost 2 minutes. I couldn't stop smiling =)

ooooh gotta love

my horoscope for today: Your horoscope for March 3, 2009  Your physical strength is at top-notch, and you will find that now is a terrific time to join a sports team or initiate a company soccer program, tine. Your abilities as a leader will be extremely respected, and your glow as a self-confident, constructive being is radiating nothing but positive energy. This combination of forces is extremely powerful, and you have the opportunity to be wonderfully productive with your energy at this time. Both work and play are likely to present you with exciting opportunities for advancement. ....  I just fell off my bicycle in a spectacular bicycle-gliding-away-under-me-and-i-manage-to-land-on-my-feet-with-a-tadaaaaa-movement-of-hands....

Love letter

...og naar jeg saa falder ned paa bunden af migselv paa dèn her maade, saagoer verden det osse. Naeste praesentation er aflyst og jeg staar bomstille og faar lov at lege i dag. Jeg har aflyst middagen i aften, har koebt lidt ind, og naar jeg giver mig selv lov til at opdage det, skinner solen paa denne smukke dag. Jeg elsker det. Og dig. Jeg hviler mig i aften, aabner en god flaske vin, spiser noget godt (det virker som om jeg har levet af pizza i uger), kontrollerer om mit internet virker, hyggevasker lidt toej og forkaeler mig selv lidt (no, you won't get details by mail, naughty!) - skoent. Og *saa* er der pludseligt rigtigt  rigtigt lang tid til loerdag naar jeg har tid til at maerke det. Men min plante blomstrer stadig og hygge-mosler om natten. Og vores valentin-hyacinther staar paa spring (ud). Maaske springer de loerdag. Jeg har taenkt mig at hygge-heppe paa dem i aften. Og hvis de springer loerdag kan vi gribe dem sammen =). Jeg elsker dig. Og jeg elsker naar dèn sikkerhed

Kissing the sky

I found myself laughing wildly into that blind beautiful night sky some time after midnight yesterday. Laughing, watching my breath condense in the cold and come out in little laughing-puffs. Big glittery tophat perched on my head, hand in pocket, other hand clutching the cold glass of champagne i brought from the house, parents holding hands beside me and kissing each other. Brother holding hands with *his* new girlfriend. Kissing each other. And there I was, nobody to kiss but that vast lit-up sky, warm all over from love and care, tears in my eyes from the beautiful fireworks in the sky, burning smell of it in my nose and the sparkle of champagne in my mouth. And I realised I was just where I wanted to be, that nobody was missing, that this was *not* just good enough, but perfect. And so, when I realized I was laughing on my own, I laughed some more with the sheer joy of it. Perfect indeed. Perfect to end a year laughing, perfect to open a new year laughing. 2008 was the year in whi