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I have a confession to make. Maybe it ought to be filed in the "quirky-me-never"-post but here goes. I love to windowshop. "So what, K, who doesn't? What's the big deal?". Well. I love to windowshop in supermarkets and I often do it at lunchtime when I have an hour to kill (I never actually lunch at one, I'm always starving earlier). So I wander idly to the nearest supermarket; I work pretty much in the center of the city, so I have enough of a choice as to not get bored. I love the lights, the silence (at least in the lunchhour), I love the fact that it is almost empty and I love the scents of food, the wonderful displays that are *so* abundant. And then I wander around in the lit aisles, taking my time and listening to whatever's on my Ipod and dream. I see the transparently lavender cuttle fish in the fish-market and I dream of cutting it up in paper-thin tagliatelle, drizzle with new olive oil and eat it raw with a big pinch of the sea-weed flav


This video is incredible: Found on Zoomdoggle

Miles away

What needs to be said

I hate Sundays lately. Hate, yes. As in HATE. My Sundays lately are infested with hand-holding couples, happy families, picturesque dog-plays-with-happy-owner-by-the-river-scenes and noisy kids all over the place. Even the weather seems to be in on the plot, it's disgustingly beautiful. I took out my bike earlier. Trying to be a bit positive, I thought maybe I could tire myself enough to not think, to not miss him so damned much. So I took off nicely, pretty on my bike in the sunshine, planning to go the beautiful route along the river, maybe pop up on one of those mountain tops I always look so longingly at, while down here. I know perfectly well that if I ever got there I wouldn't want to be there anyway. Humans are like that. I didn't want my love when I had him, and now that love is gone, I miss him badly. Really badly. I have been beating around the bush these last weeks. Passed time nicely enough but then again, I am never bored. I just concentrate and pour myself

The difference between being alone and being lonely

he sent an sms: "I thought our relationship was based mostly on sex. Now i only miss watching a movie with you on the couch." I was fine (very) with being alone tonight. Now I feel lonely =(


Oooh, I outraced a Ferrari 360 Modena on my bicycle, can you believe it ? Me neither. He just let me win to get a thorough look at my ... beehind. Anyway. Weather is fab, my fridge is stocked again, my cleansmelling laundry is waving gently in the breeze, I'm dancing around the apartment cleaning up and now I'm off to do lunch.

To do

I woke up really early even though I went to bed late-ish. I always seem to wake up 6 hours after I fall asleep. I lay there for a while, trying to fall asleep again (come on it's Saturday) - and then gave up, made coffee and set about doing all those small things that lately make up my weekends. Laundry, cleaning, and later I might go shopping a bit. Ought to do my nails and my hair as well. Write to my mum and call my best girlfriend, I haven't heard from her in a long time. Have a nice Saturday and start out nicely with this laugh:

Berlusconi on Obama

"E' giovane, bello e abbronzato" "He's young, handsome and tanned". I can't believe this. I'm ashamed of living in Italy, I'm ashamed of Berlusconi. F*cking nitwit

About first impressions

Actually the title is cheating a bit. Well, ok a lot. This is not really about first impressions, but about how a picture can give us an impression of a person. A true or false impression; I hope to find out one day. We were very very good friends, (or maybe I was more best friends than she was, it has happened before) we went to school together and then we lived together for a period. We went clubbing together, we laughed, cried and got drunk together and then I moved to Copenhagen and we sort of lost contact. Very normal, people outgrow each other, choose different lifestyles bla-bla-bla. We were... what, 17-18 years old. Yesterday I found this best-friends' profiles on a social network site. There wasn't a lot of information there, but there was one picture. She's looking straight into the camera, she looks like she's eating something, and she has *such* a cold look in her eyes. Like she's bored, or unhappy or just couldn't care less. Arrogant even. I'm p

Wordpress Snapshots tag K-blog

with the following tags: Graphic Designer, Listen to Music, Wines, Princesses, Leather Jacket and Coffee Beans. How fitting is that and are those random words extracted from my posts ? Who can enlighten me ?

Beautiful and soo struggling

Musings II

1. Going too fast by bicycle in the morning makes my just-trimmed-bangs curl backwards and split, so that I get a neat little parting in the middle. Not too hot considering my bangs are approx. 10 cm long =(. 2. That hot arrogant-looking guy i see in the morning near the agency, is a lot less arrogant and a lot more hot, when he sits in a car next to somebody that seems to be his grandad. Not so arrogant now smartypants, eh =) ?

Paul Buchanan: I melt

My very good friend Nix taught me (and he didn't know. Now he does) to keep special music for special occasions. So it is with immense joy i hear and savour Blue Nile tonight. Great feelings deserve great music. The world may crumble and go to hell around my ears when I listen to Blue Nile (and it often does when i do). Enjoy.


Let's get it out of the way as I see it coming: The following is a description of a fraction of nightlife. I was not influenced by drugs or anything stronger than 2 Cubanas. This might actually be true. So decide for yourself I lived a rare moment of perfect happiness yesterday night. In a discoteque yes, (wonder of wonders, I lived a lot of joyous moments in clubs) but it never fails to hit me with the same sense of wonder and awe when all of a sudden I seem to see everything with this clarity. I feel set apart, I feel a voyeur to all these beautiful people struggling to live, to breathe, to come to terms with this life, and that go to the clubs hoping to have fun, and maybe to meet that special someone. Yesterday was special in that it was Halloween and I felt tenderness seeing the energy, the time that some people put into dressing up in beautiful and not so beautiful costumes (it being Halloween). I wandered through the sweating crowd, just smelling my way, drifting with my awf

Lazy Saturday

I am having one of those lazy eternal Saturdays that just seem to stretch and linger forever. I have been doing absolutely nothing all day, I got up early-ish (10.30 which is early considering I went out yesterday and had a blast of an evening at Otel with friends. I have a good energy these days, I am finishing a lot of unfinished business, small stuff; attaching an oversized Pompon on that big (oversized actually) knitted sweater i finished 2 weeks ago, attaching the handle to the bag that broke, sewing on buttons on shirts and doing a bit of laundry.  It is a good feeling taking care of things that I care about. Maybe I'll buy myself flowers =). Have a lovely Saturday. I am having it.