Slowly but steadily...

I plan to clean out my kitchen cupboards in preparation for Dk.
I have kilos and litres of staples; flours, nuts, almonds, sugar, honey, oil, vinegar and canned goods. You name it.
As part of the challenge of it all (oh yeah, I'm high!) I would like to leave nothing behind and take nothing with me when I come back. Even though my flatmate ought to be happy to finish anything I fail to use.
So from today I will try to cook with what I have got and buy only the strictly necessary - stuff that goes in the fridge.
This ought to fun, and as my friend A brought me fresh pumpkin from her little garden patch yesterday, today I'm cooking tepid Pumpkin-soup with almonds and a few Pumpkin scones.
I found the recipes here and here (in Italian only, sorry) as I have never cooked with pumpkin.
I will let you know how it turns out=)


Nix said…
yep there are a lot of good recipes for pumpkin,
try the soup with potato and rice (as side dish)
kyllyan said…
@nix: you kiddin' me ? since when are you eating veggies?

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