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Joy is: 2

- my best friend crawling into my makeshift bed in her livingroom, hugging me happily and serving Italian breakfast.

Joy is: 1

- my best Italian friends telling me they have been dancing to this track for months; that this is *my* track forever because the girl that sing, sound *exactly* like me, when I sing.  That they have been dancing these past months, thinking of me, saying to each other " that's K's song, Hey, Hey" just breaks my heart.* *and the fact that Dennis Ferrer happens to be my all-time fave producer doesn't hurt either =)

Kyllyan - Ash: 2 - 0

I can't remember the last time I had this many emotions in one single day. I cried this morning, overjoyed a bit later for finding a valid alternative to the plane and now I'm jubilant again for the planes finally starting to take off normally. I am officially off for Italy at 10.40 from Copenhagen and I am landing in Pisa, Italy at 13.00. From there it is vacation. An aperitivo (come si deve) and best-pizza-in-the-world Wednesday for sure with 3 best friends. Me cooking dinner for A and her lovely family Thursday. Aperi-disco with former club-collegues at the opening of a high-fashion-outlet Friday, and dinner and night out with 4th GF Saturday. Reunion with former agency-mates some evening and a day with A at the beach. Eat seafood while we're there, perfume of seasalt on hot, hard, scarlet shells, put out fire with crisp, fragrant white wine. Primitive joy. Get dizzy from the wine and surrender in the sun to confused dreams infused with salt, heat and sweat. Sho

Kyllyan - Ash: 1 - 0

So. F*ck the airspace, who wants to go by plane anyway. K. Leaving for Italy tomorrow in an empty bus with 2 Italian drivers and room for shoes. Ought to arrive Thursday evening. Keep the carbonara warm and the Barolo fragrant, here I come.

While waiting

for updates on my flight tomorrow, I did the right and mature thing to do: I called my mum and cried a wee bit.


says the site of Cph Airport. You bloody f*cking well believe there's an error, and it is not only in parsing of the xml, it is the whole frigging universe gone haywire if I am not leaving tomorrow for Italy.


....and seeing that I am off to Italy soon, I feel a celebration is in place. While I like very little Italian music, I actually love Neri Per Caso; an a capella boyband from Salerno. I don't like all of their songs but this one; Fortuna is heartbreakingly beautiful, has wonderful (voice) rhythms. The lyrics are also sort of wise, way beyond something I would expect from a boyband. "...dimmi se questa e' o non e' magia, axe' axe' fortuna a te chi dice che non e' vero, siamo obbligati ad essere felici..."*   *"..Tell me, is this (life) magic or what, axe' axe' and luck to you. Who says we aren't obliged to be happy..."

Plan B

Cannot even begin to conceive of the idea of not leaving for Italy, Wednesday. My flight is *not* one of those to be cancelled and if I am to get stuck somewhere, it will be in Italy with my best friends. I will be gone for a week and I am to laugh, cry tears of joy, talk, eat good food and drink fab wine in the company of people I love. After all. I haven't had a vacation (and seen my friends) for 7 months now and I would *break* if I weren't to go. Glad we agree on that. On a wholly different note; I have started to think about what I would do with *another week* of vacation if I had it and would want to pass it here in Denmark. I might sit down and finally start working on my showreel and update my CV a bit. While I am perfectly happy at the restaurant, I would like to get my hands on some small designjobs on the side. Or I might get in touch with some people I would like to see, but haven't really gotten round to seeing. Research a bit about singing with somebody s

Multimedia message

I'm sitting in the train going north. I am so carried away with the beauty of Denmark, that I am holding my breath for fear of singing out loud with the music on my ipod. Deer on acid-green fields, fluffy clouds in the blue skies and people smiling to each other. Life is good.

Overheard at work 1

..."would be lovely to get married. Then I wouldn't have to worry about a thing"... Girl to 3 female friends.


Intoxicated. With lilies. Again. Will they ever die and let me get back to normal?

Disclaimer: Electronic Top 10

Søde Anders fra har bedt mig lave min Top 10 liste af elektronisk musik. Oldies but Goodies. Og eftersom jeg er en Oldie (but Goodie, forstås =)) i dèn sammenhæng; jeg har lyttet med længe, har jeg gladeligt taget udfordringen op. Og det har været skideskægt =). Listen er ikke i nogensomhelst orden overhovedet. 1. LFO: "Advance" fra 1996. Det var ikke deres definerende album, "Frequencies" var. Men det er lige retro nok at sende dig =). Prøv "Advance" istedet, klassikeren derfra er Psychodelic . LFO bestod af Mark Bell (som senere producerede Bjork og Depeche Modes' Exciter. Mark Bells lyd er tydelig - no introduction needed) og Gez Varley. Sidstnævnte lavede osse et soloalbum men det var lige techno nok for min smag. Hvis du ikke har fået nok endnu, så læs mere interview med Mark Bell her . 2. Massive Attack: Måske husker du Karmacoma fra 2005 (dèr medvirker Tricky som du osse skal lytte til. Han rapper og ryger en masse fede, n


Not a lot of things going on lately, and I am not blogging about the few things that *are* happening. (Well, I am blogging, but not publishing. Private records, sorry =)) So how 'bout I round up a few loose ends I realize, I left hanging ? Noise Alert - I'm still dancing. I have no means of getting rid of this energy right now. Will try and write. Or make more chocolate cake tomorrow. Or kill myself rollerblading. Terrorizing my peacelily - It worked. It is flowering. So are the huge lilies I bought for myself 4 days ago. Intoxicating the whole apartment with their heady scent. Sensuous, monstrous things. Death by chocolate - Still trying to kill myself there. Did yet another batch of the Chocolate Oblivion for a special occasion Thursday. Finished it all off this morning for breakfast (see Noise Alert) and then I took the sorry remains to work. Will have to do yet another batch to have something to bring Thursday. I will. Tomorrow morning. And eat something else for

Noise alert

There is *no* way I can walk or run fast enough anywhere today. I have this very nervous energy (probably not helping either that I had chocolate cake for breakfast) that I cannot get rid of. Would kill myself if I took out my rollerblades for a spin too, I'm too reckless.  Should probably change my playlist too, but I'm looping this to try and dance it all out:


I got to work at the restaurant today and realized we hadn't many reservations. Actually, one person might handle them all, and two of us were working. So I changed from my suit back into jeans and my old t-shirt, and got to work in our courtyard while the other waiter; S took care of our guests. A little piece of heaven it is. Potentially. I have never seen it in use, I have worked there since November and I have never once imagined what it might be like. In the tender sunlight of today I suddenly envisioned it; flowers everywhere, tables set with immaculate tablecloths, plates and glasses sparkling in the sun, happy people everywhere, sipping crisp white wine, eating antipasti,  laughing and enjoying themselves. And I got to work. I was done after 5 hours; it was dark. I had picked up all the dead leaves from the winter, weeded out all the evergreen plants, found broken glasses, cigarettebutts, bottlecaps, phonenumbers, coins and cigarstubs in the garden furniture. Left there

What's on my mind

but not on my lips (as long as there's any possibility of his lips on mine): What is this ? Are we dating ? Semidating ? Does two semi-dates equal one date ? Do I want to date, am I ready ? What french movie did he see, that wasn't the least arty-farty ? Is he curious about me ( I know he doesn't follow my blog) and if yes,  why doesn't he ask; is he *that* shy ? I tried to semi-explain (semi-everything here ?) that I don't know whether I am ready to date again (and I don't know if I am) but I get distracted around him, my eyes lock on to his, won't let go and I end up, stuttering and stammering like a 16-year old. Tried to appeal to his understanding, told him I have no conclusions but that I felt I needed to say something. He nested his hand in my hair (heaven) and chased away strong, decisive me and all of my words. I managed to tell him "you're distracting me like that" before reason went out the door and he just looked me in the eye

Terrorizing my peacelily

Actually I'm quite good with plants. I love them and they seem to like me. My peacelily has been a little sick lately, and is, though healthylooking, not flowering anymore. While I just supposed it is in between flowerings, (these plants will flower again and again) I googled it to be sure. And I came upon a gardenforum where somebody had posted my exact query. Somebody else had answered the post. "The trick is to make the plant think it's gonna die. Then it will flower again". So now I am slowly but inexorably terrorizing the poor plant, whispering "You're gonna die", "Thirsty yet, bitch ?" and "I'll kill you" everytime I pass it. Hoping for flowers.


"vil du med hjem og sove hos mig ? Vi kan lege med Lego inden vi falder i soevn". Mest effektive scorereplik ever ? Den virkede ihvertfald naesten. Han bliver en aegte Don Juan, ham mit 5-aarige gudbarn.

Death by chocolate

I am watching the remake of one of my alltime fave movies "The Omen". But I focus only on the sweat on his face, dark with shadows when he wakes up in the middle of the night. And on the rose petals falling as she falls. Drifting through the air. Weightless. The big wall in my livingroom has taken on an eerie quality against the dark behind it, it looks like something drawn or photoshopped. Something unnatural, something fake. My breathing is shallow and I am keenly aware of my chest rising and falling too fast under the dress I am wearing, the fabric clinging to me. I'm too hot and I end up blowing out the candles in the windowsill. This movie really gets to me. I stray, can't concentrate on the tv at all, i look at the inside of my arm, my pulse is quick and visible, blood pumping. Fast. The flowers on the table look strangely alive, as if they were some monstrous creatures, sending their heady perfume out into the night. I'm overdosing on chocolate . A


...the crowd crushed softly against me. Some people swayed vaguely, heads bent and hair covering their eyes, others followed a rhythm in their heads. The music had ceased to follow a beat, it was one of many in-between sequences where one track morphed into another and there was no beat to follow, just ambient noise. ....bassline roaring, vibrating in my solar plexus making all the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I was swaying too, feet planted firmly on the wet floor, my hair against my nape damp with sweat, head bent and my oversize tshirt slipping off one shoulder. Little pearls of sweat gathering on my upper lip, salt on my tongue. Some guy jumped up and down in front of me, gaze locked blindly at the guys behind the mixer. .... a pretty girl with a jetblack mohawk softly touched my arm and when I turned to look at her, she smiled at me. We danced together for a while and then I started to make my way through the crowd to reach the bar and have the first beer

About not sharing

Often when I have been single I have missed sharing a lot of things. Having somebody to cook for, to share a fantastic wine with and take long walks with. Today I am perfectly happy being single, not having to share this concert tonight that is so important to me, and my preparations for it. I have bought good food and wine to cook and enjoy before I go, and I am having a long shower and extensive preparations to go. I haven't picked out my outfit yet, but I will soon.  And I can do it on my own. I won't have to try and explain nothing to nobody, I can do this on my own terms and with my own joy for it all. I am not dressing up for anybody, actually I will probably go, leather jacket, faded jeans, tshirt and biker-boots so I can dance if I like to. Or not if I don't. I have had boyfriends who seemed to want to crawl into my head and live things like I do. Share everything, or at least partake in my things. One of the boyfriends I left, years back, packed up all of m


Tomorrow I am going to my first concert in a long time. I do not enjoy concerts much. While I love being in the midst of a lot of happy people and find a curious (gross?) pleasure in being there , concerts are not really my thing. I love, love, love music and spend a lot of my day listening to it, I have different music for different moods. I listen to music while I shower, while I worked in the agency, while I do chores around the apartment, while I blog, while I read blogs and very seldomly while I sleep. So the quality of the audio is sort of important to me and when I go out to hear live music, I always expect it to be true to what I hear at home. Which sort of defeats the purpose with livemusic, which is much about improvising and taking the sound somewhere new; live basically. Something not dead and set in stone. I enjoy jazzconcerts very much, but only if I haven't got the music polished and produced at home. I love the live energy of for example Compay Segundo that I