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Snippets of these days

- "So no kids, eh ? Hm. Probably you shouldn't even have a boyfriend." -"You call me anytime. Middle of the night, whatever, you call me, 24/7". -" You ought to watch yourself. Your mom's here now and your grandma was here before her. Probably runs in the family". -"You sure you don't want to get married ? You cook really well too." -"You're quite the snobby girl, aren't you? Probably think the sun shines out of your ass, don't you? " -"It's quite easy to fall for you, your passion, enthusiasm and looks." -"You're starting to scare me." -"What's up, kitten ? Still landing on your feet ?" -"Well, you aren't known as the most diplomatic person ever." -"You're the best boss I ever had." -"Come to the party, it's bound to be fun. It's Pimps and Hoes at (----insert fancy hotel----). You could be a wonderful Pimp, jus