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With the start of march, away went...

an anniversary not worth remembering but that I will not allow myself to forget. And with that, thoughts of revenge. I have already had it. Revenge is underrated though. personal pride and stubbornness. In favor of making things work out for the best. I think I am growing. And my staff with me. yet another anniversary, that I have promised not to blog about. I didn't. But I felt it passing. filters. I seem to be getting tougher. Like an onion stripped layer by layer, we merely become more what we already are. My eyes water, but I think I like this scent.

I gamle dage 6 måneder hvor hyppigt har i gennemstegt den næste aktiviteter?

Ok, I'm squiffy. On a Tuesday. So stab me. I had a few drinks post-work with a friend and now here I am, innocently following a link on FB to answer user surveys* *giggles* *and my squiffy answers are just as surreal as *their* badly translated questions =)