Wish they would broadcast this in Italy

While I take driving very seriously (probably because I don't drive much) I found this video on boardsmag (one of my favourite sources for good ads) to be almost too graphic and violent. 

On the other hand, a lot of people have accidents due to lack of concentration behind the wheel, and it might be a good thing if watching this might "scare" somebody into concentration and thus save lives. In Italy people drive drunk, drive texting and speaking on their phones, and they do it as if they were immortal. 

You have been warned though; this is *very very graphic*.
If you would like to read more about this video, here's the link 

*while I would love to show this to my collegues, they would fare le corna ( explanation here under "superstition" and recoil in horror**.

**I love the "When confronted with unfortunate events, or just when these are mentioned or suggested, a person wanting to avoid that fate could resort to the sign of the horns to ward off bad luck" part....As if texting while driving is due to "unfortunate events" or "bad luck"


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