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Slowly but steadily...

I plan to clean out my kitchen cupboards in preparation for Dk. I have kilos and litres of staples; flours, nuts, almonds, sugar, honey, oil, vinegar and canned goods. You name it. As part of the challenge of it all (oh yeah, I'm high!) I would like to leave nothing behind and take nothing with me when I come back. Even though my flatmate ought to be happy to finish anything I fail to use. So from today I will try to cook with what I have got and buy only the strictly necessary - stuff that goes in the fridge. This ought to fun, and as my friend A brought me fresh pumpkin from her little garden patch yesterday, today I'm cooking tepid Pumpkin-soup with almonds and a few Pumpkin scones. I found the recipes here and here (in Italian only, sorry) as I have never cooked with pumpkin. I will let you know how it turns out=)

Anticipating Autumn

I tell myself I can already feel the autumn coming, but I know perfectly well that it isn't true. I see a few leaves falling and think happily about long autumn evenings in Denmark, hearing the wind howling outside and reading a good book while nursing a hot cup of tea. Or knitting. Or sowing. Or cooking the favourite foods of my love. It rained all of last night. Was about bloody time too, pressure and humidity in the air has been building up over this past week. Nothing strange about that; I have been waiting and longing for this downpour to freshen up things a bit, it is still 29° at night. But my longing mind hastily jumps to conclusions; autumn is here and I'm late for leaving for Denmark. Fact is I spent the whole day in the swimmingpool, came back now and is still dripping with sweat. Italy is still hot. Fact is I will probably wish I was back here in three months' time; I'll want my Italian food, my Italian wine, my friends and the easygoing charm that Italians