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DIY care

Since Friday I have been enjoying a few days of no work, and it has been *fabulous*. I cleaned the whole apartment Friday and awarded myself with a nice big dinner of chicken and spinach (cooked the Italian way, mmmmm) afterwards. I went to bed early and got up Saturday to go pick up my older brother who visited from Jylland. We had a lovely day, a big brunch and ended up nerding design right 'till he had to catch the train again in the evening. I took him to the station and bought a few books (photography, erotica and the secret Memoirs of Lord Byron) on my way back home. Udsalg. Mmmmmm. I came home, cooked dinner and sat down to watch tv, when suddenly I realized, I want something new to happen. For me it is a classic: whenever I am going through big changes, I want it to manifest on the outside too. So, I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a long time now, it is in dire need of care but I kept thinking to myself it would be too much of a clichè. But all of a sudden I c