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I have

a few hours to myself while my parents went shopping for the big dinner tonight. I'll watch the snow falling outside, have my umpteenth coffee today, listen to Pink and have an hour-long shower. I am so calm here, i feel soothed like a plant that has been so thirsty for so long, and finally get water. I can literally feel my soul swelling with peace and all my little worry-wrinkles smoothe out as if they were never there. It's not that I don't miss Italy. I do. I miss my big red bed, I miss my own rhythms of sleeping, eating and staying up or in bed late. I miss my friends and my books. But I feel so protected here, so ... daughter. I have been thinking about my resolutions for 2009. I never did any. This year I do. There are certain things I will do/ won't do in 2009. It is nothing secret though very personal stuff, so I won't post here, but I did buy a book to write resolutions, progress and results in. You know, just to keep my goals clear. I guess I'll sort


That's how i feel these days. I am totally, entirely at peace with the world. I feel like I could do anything. I feel so loved and I knew I would when I came here, back to my family, but I forget it everytime untill I come back here again. It is good enough for my family for me to be me, to be lazy, to be un-funny, un-productive, un-pensive and it's fantastic. I love these DK-breaks. I get to eat my mum's fab homemade ryebread with danish butter, eggs in the morning, Gammel Dansk and the whole smoerrebroeds-hell, buttercookies, late-night redwine and cheese snacks with my mum and weird laughing-fits with my younger brother. Long nerdy talks with my older brother and short nail-on-the-head-feeling-talks with my dad. I love my family, and even though I'm pretty sure none of them reads here, this feels like I'm telling them anyway =). And it's fine like that. Happy Christmas everyone, and have a fab 2009.

To Rasmus

Sables mouvants Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Au loin déjà la mer s'est retirée Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Et toi Comme une algue doucement carressée par le vent Dans les sables du lit tu remues en rêvant Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Au loin déjà la mer s'est retirée Mais dans tes yeux entrouverts Deux petites vagues sont restées Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Deux petites vagues pour me noyer. Quicksand Deamons and marvels Winds and tides Far away already, the sea has ebbed And you Like seaweed slowly carressed by the wind In the sands of the bed you stir, dreaming Deamons and marvels Winds and tides Far away already, the sea has ebbed But in your half-opened eyes Two small waves have remained Deamons and marvels Winds and tides Two small waves to drown me Sabbie mobili Demoni e meraviglie Venti e maree Lontano di gia' si e' ritirato il mare E tu Come alga dolcemente accarezzata dal vento Nella sabbia del tuo letto ti agiti sognando Demon


Inspired by here is *my* christmas-status. 1. Days left to christmas: 7 2. Days left 'till I leave for Denmark: 4 3. Total number of presents I have to buy: 24 4. Total number of presents I already bought: 0 5. Number of get-together-dinners (see point 2) with friends to exchange presents (see point 3) before I leave: 4 Small wonder i feel stressed ?

's been a long time...

I needed myself, all to myself. Since the 12th of November I have : made new friends, nurtured the friends I already had, been nurtured, worked more than good is, lost a couple of pounds (that i already lacked=/) slept less than I needed to eaten less than I needed to had more fun socially than I needed to had less fun alone than I needed to been given hugs i didn't know I needed followed up on all of your blogs, but not written a single word myself and finally I have knit a new coat for myself. I know it is knit with one single thread of thoughts, and I can't wait to wear it. I finally feel like I'm coming out of this storm