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DK 1

aaah jeg skal hjem og smage paa guleroedder . Og moede ligesindede som osse kan smage saebe i dem.

Maaa Maa Maa Oh Toh Toh


I'm painting again. And it is so gratifying. And weird how it looks so shitty and revealing in the night  and seems to tell everything about you. And then in the morning it looks all neat and mystical and artsy. Well, save it 'till the morning after . *oooh, love how some You-Tuber named this "save a player" **oooh, wanted to tag this "me, music and tipsy-ish". I have no tipsy-tag. How come somebody so tipsy-prone as me have no tipsy-tag??? *** will just go to bed now

Triple Tone love

I'm mad about this song these days:

Burn, burn, yes ya gonna burn

Sankt Hans. I miss Denmark and everything in it tonight. So I'm just gonna sit here alone and sulk, get tipsy-ish on cheap wine, listen to Rage Against The Machine and maybe take my frustrations out on a  few canvases  (it's correct; I checked=)) I stashed. To you then:

Your horoscope - Week of June 22, 2009

You may wonder why you're feeling so emotional* on Monday. There's a New Moon in Cancer that may coincide with powerful dreams and a feeling that you need to spend some time alone. The New Moon also opposes Pluto and may coincide with a situation or relationship about which you need to make a decision. This may have been building up for some time and now you need to take action. Your love life looks pretty hot**, and it brings relief and a feeling of support no matter what's going on in other areas of your life. * For crying a bit while those girls were doing their bellydances ??? Perfectly normal; they were soooo beautiful and the music was great ** Yeah,  it's sizzling!  I haven't seen my love life for ... what?... a month?  Two??


I almost crashed on my bike this morning. Yes, I go fast but I pay much attention to people and cars, as they don't pay attention to you. Part of the route to work (most of it) goes along the river, it is clearly marked as a bicycle-route put people will bring their dogs (without a leash), toddlers and grandfathers along for a quiet stroll. And my fingers will hurt by the time I get to work, from ringing my bell over and over and over to warn people I am coming. This morning a guy was playing on his mountainbike, going fast-ish. I figured he had seen me as he looked back a couple of times and the visibility is perfect on that long stretch. He was taking up all of the space available, so when I was 10 m behind him I started to ring my bell furiously to let him know I was about to overtake him. He moved to the right without looking back and I sort of assumed he'd heard me and moved closer to get past him. He makes a huge curve to the left and almost (I hit the brakes and lose con


I dreamt (amongst other things) that my bicycle and my purse was stolen. Even though I tend to understand my dreams pretty well (I practise) I looked it up on It says (and confirm what i thought : Theft: To dream that you are (sic) a victim of theft, indicates that others are wasting your time and stealing energy and ideas. Perhaps you feel robbed in some way. Purse: To dream that you lost your purse, denotes loss of power and control of possessions. It also suggests that you may have lost touch with your real identity. Interesting huh ?


I have been on a detox "diet" since Friday. Actually it is the first time in my life that I watch what I eat, but as I definitely have a tendency to overindulge in anything good and felt a bit weak physically, I decided to give it a go. So i had all "good" stuff from Friday morning til Tuesday morning. Decoction of garlic (oh, my collegues loved that one =)), claywater ,  and Sole made from Himalayan Salt.  All this every morning on an empty stomach. The rest of the day I would eat only vegetables, fruit, cereal and legumes, no dairy products, meat or white bread. I drank my usual 3 l of water and added up with tea. No alcool, but yes I had my morning coffee. And I didn't lay off the cigarettes. Anyway. I am not a fanatic and I have never done it. I just ate what seemed right and threw in a few extras. While it wasn't exactly funny (I love meat, pasta and fried stuff) it sure made a difference. I noted an improvement in all of my senses, it's hard to ex


i have become all selfconscious about blogging again. Enough said. For fear of people giving up on me and thinking I'll never blog again (I will. I just have to... get over this irrational fear of writing. Or maybe actually live a little so I might have something real to blog about =)), here is: Traminersyrup with pears and black pepper: (fab with cheese or with yoghurt or icecream... experiment a bit =). 3 big pears ,* wash them well and cut into slices or dice. Keep the cores and dice them as well. Only don't peel them as apparently the starch in the peel is needed for the syrup to thicken. 300 ml of leftover Traminer. (yeah, right, who doesn't finish the bottle once you opened it) Sugar. You'll need as much as the weight of the cooked pears (we'll get to that part) 20 grains of black pepper. Cook the pears in the wine for approx half an hour. Pass the whole mess through a sieve and then through a clean piece of cheesecloth. Very annoying but necessary, you need a


So it took me some time to finally sit down and write again. And obviously i'm feeling all selfconscious and weird about it now. I have been wanting to write for weeks and here I am. Without words and without knowing where I should possibly start. Or end for that sake. Well, a lot of things has happened. Not only this last month but over the last months, i just wasn't ready to write about it yet. Not that I know I am ready now, my words will just have to show; I'm determined to ramble on for as long as I can =). Here goes then: 1. I sort of lost motivation work-wise . And I got it back again. Loads. And in very round-about-but-isn't-it-ironic-way. More in another post. 2. I fell in love. Again. And oh, am I living the fairytale. More than anyone can imagine. I like to think I'll write more about it in another post; it definitely deserves one of its own. 3. I decided to come back to Denmark. For good. Actually I resolved not to decide anything, but just brainstorm