i have become all selfconscious about blogging again. Enough said. For fear of people giving up on me and thinking I'll never blog again (I will. I just have to... get over this irrational fear of writing. Or maybe actually live a little so I might have something real to blog about =)), here is:

Traminersyrup with pears and black pepper:
(fab with cheese or with yoghurt or icecream... experiment a bit =).

3 big pears,*
wash them well and cut into slices or dice. Keep the cores and dice them as well. Only don't peel them as apparently the starch in the peel is needed for the syrup to thicken.

300 ml of leftover Traminer.
(yeah, right, who doesn't finish the bottle once you opened it)

You'll need as much as the weight of the cooked pears (we'll get to that part)

20 grains of black pepper.

Cook the pears in the wine for approx half an hour. Pass the whole mess through a sieve and then through a clean piece of cheesecloth. Very annoying but necessary, you need a thick mess without pieces or the syrup will be chunky and look ... gross.
Find out how much (pear)mess you just made and add sugar to match 1 to 1 and the grains of pepper. Put it back in the pan and cook for another 10-15 minutes until the syrup starts to thicken. Pour in sterilized glasses and turn once in a while until completely cooled.

It is a lot of work but you will look really really good and very "homey" if you make a few glasses while you're at it to give away (not like me who keeps it all to myself) 

*pears might be replaced with apples for a denser syrup, as they contain more starch.


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