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Widow's Walk

Consider me a widow, boys and I will tell you why. It's not the man, but it's the marriage that was drowned. So I walk the walk and wait with watchful eye out to the sky, Looking for a kind of vesselI have never found. Though I saw it splinter I keep looking out to sea, Like a dog with little sense, I keep returning, To the very area where I did see the thing go down as if there's something at the site I should be learning. That line is the horizon. We watch the wind and set the sail, but save ourselves when all omens point to fail. If I tell the truth then I will have to tell you this Though I grieve (and I believe i feel it truly) but I knew that ship was empty by the time it hit the rocks, we could not hold on when fate became unruly. So consider me a widow, boys, and I have told you why. Does the weather say a better day is nearing? I'll set my house in order now and wait upon the will It's clear that I need better skill in steering... That line is the horizon.W