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Mama, I'm coming home

I am so so so ready to come home. I am all senses in order to soak up everything these last two months here. I feel like I'm drinking the sunshine, the weather, the sea, the flowers, the trees, the language, the colors and the perfumes. And stowing it away; as much I can take. I know coming back to Denmark will be hard; I'll be leaving my friends (painstakingly collected and cultivated) of 15 years, I'll be leaving a mentality I've gotten used to; a climate that I love and a language that is bound to fall apart little by little from not getting used much. Of course I plan to make new friends, find a lovely job, a lovely apartment and get used to Danish weather. Heck, you've got Hygge when weather's bad right ? Candy, hot chocolate, movies (in English, oh bliss) and I even got someone to share it with. But even if I know it's gonna be tough, I feel like this might be my biggest adventure to date. Who would have thought coming home could be the biggest adventu


Glaeder mig til at komme hjem og skraale med paa dèn her sang. I KOR med nogen! Anyone ?


Jeg kan ikke vente med at komme ind til KFC paa Raadhuspladsen med M i haanden og blive hilst med "hej M og T, skal det vaere det saedvanlige ?"


I think I might be reaching the limit of what I will take bicycle-wise. This morning, going to work, i found a baby on the route to work. Quietly sitting there in his pacifier and nappies in the middle of the road. His mother was chatting to another woman a few feet away. Not even noticing people going by, swearing loudly as they passed her (apparently) not-very-important baby. I realize I am rambling on about my bike a lot, but it is a very important break to me. Going to work in the morning along the river, enjoying the landscape, the water and the weather used to be a pleasure. Coming back from work helped me de-stress and unwind and I would usually come home relaxed and a little more mellow. Now (probably with the heat and the summertime) it is a sodding obstacle-race. I ring my bell and squeeze my turtle (yeah, I've got one) to make noise, but people will be standing still in the middle of the road, speaking to their friends. Or letting dogs loose to have a nice run. Or get ri


I spent my day watching movies (in bed), eating (in bed), slumbering (yeah, well, guess...) and surfing the web. I'm so hungover my

Open letter to L.

Hi dearest...and thank you lots for your sms, I didn't know how to get in touch with you and I had only that number. Please send me another number to call you on asap =). So. How is Holland ? You getting used to it ? It must be so.... different. All the smallest things, the perfumes when you go out, the food you eat, the language around you. The climate. Everything that constantly reminds you that you are not in Italy anymore. Try and hold on to the sensitivity it gives you, all your senses being bombed with new impressions. That's the fun part, I still remember it from my coming to Italy =). How about the house then ? You say there's a lot to do there. I gather you're still moving in, painting and stuff ? I hope you won't become all serious and responsible by this great adventure. That you don't take it too seriously. Think of it as a new start, a new beginning. A new way to apply yourself, maybe the biggest challenge of your life 'till now. I miss you thou