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Kissing the sky

I found myself laughing wildly into that blind beautiful night sky some time after midnight yesterday. Laughing, watching my breath condense in the cold and come out in little laughing-puffs. Big glittery tophat perched on my head, hand in pocket, other hand clutching the cold glass of champagne i brought from the house, parents holding hands beside me and kissing each other. Brother holding hands with *his* new girlfriend. Kissing each other. And there I was, nobody to kiss but that vast lit-up sky, warm all over from love and care, tears in my eyes from the beautiful fireworks in the sky, burning smell of it in my nose and the sparkle of champagne in my mouth. And I realised I was just where I wanted to be, that nobody was missing, that this was *not* just good enough, but perfect. And so, when I realized I was laughing on my own, I laughed some more with the sheer joy of it. Perfect indeed. Perfect to end a year laughing, perfect to open a new year laughing. 2008 was the year in whi