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I have

a few hours to myself while my parents went shopping for the big dinner tonight. I'll watch the snow falling outside, have my umpteenth coffee today, listen to Pink and have an hour-long shower. I am so calm here, i feel soothed like a plant that has been so thirsty for so long, and finally get water. I can literally feel my soul swelling with peace and all my little worry-wrinkles smoothe out as if they were never there. It's not that I don't miss Italy. I do. I miss my big red bed, I miss my own rhythms of sleeping, eating and staying up or in bed late. I miss my friends and my books. But I feel so protected here, so ... daughter. I have been thinking about my resolutions for 2009. I never did any. This year I do. There are certain things I will do/ won't do in 2009. It is nothing secret though very personal stuff, so I won't post here, but I did buy a book to write resolutions, progress and results in. You know, just to keep my goals clear. I guess I'll sort


That's how i feel these days. I am totally, entirely at peace with the world. I feel like I could do anything. I feel so loved and I knew I would when I came here, back to my family, but I forget it everytime untill I come back here again. It is good enough for my family for me to be me, to be lazy, to be un-funny, un-productive, un-pensive and it's fantastic. I love these DK-breaks. I get to eat my mum's fab homemade ryebread with danish butter, eggs in the morning, Gammel Dansk and the whole smoerrebroeds-hell, buttercookies, late-night redwine and cheese snacks with my mum and weird laughing-fits with my younger brother. Long nerdy talks with my older brother and short nail-on-the-head-feeling-talks with my dad. I love my family, and even though I'm pretty sure none of them reads here, this feels like I'm telling them anyway =). And it's fine like that. Happy Christmas everyone, and have a fab 2009.

To Rasmus

Sables mouvants Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Au loin déjà la mer s'est retirée Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Et toi Comme une algue doucement carressée par le vent Dans les sables du lit tu remues en rêvant Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Au loin déjà la mer s'est retirée Mais dans tes yeux entrouverts Deux petites vagues sont restées Démons et merveilles Vents et marées Deux petites vagues pour me noyer. Quicksand Deamons and marvels Winds and tides Far away already, the sea has ebbed And you Like seaweed slowly carressed by the wind In the sands of the bed you stir, dreaming Deamons and marvels Winds and tides Far away already, the sea has ebbed But in your half-opened eyes Two small waves have remained Deamons and marvels Winds and tides Two small waves to drown me Sabbie mobili Demoni e meraviglie Venti e maree Lontano di gia' si e' ritirato il mare E tu Come alga dolcemente accarezzata dal vento Nella sabbia del tuo letto ti agiti sognando Demon


Inspired by here is *my* christmas-status. 1. Days left to christmas: 7 2. Days left 'till I leave for Denmark: 4 3. Total number of presents I have to buy: 24 4. Total number of presents I already bought: 0 5. Number of get-together-dinners (see point 2) with friends to exchange presents (see point 3) before I leave: 4 Small wonder i feel stressed ?

's been a long time...

I needed myself, all to myself. Since the 12th of November I have : made new friends, nurtured the friends I already had, been nurtured, worked more than good is, lost a couple of pounds (that i already lacked=/) slept less than I needed to eaten less than I needed to had more fun socially than I needed to had less fun alone than I needed to been given hugs i didn't know I needed followed up on all of your blogs, but not written a single word myself and finally I have knit a new coat for myself. I know it is knit with one single thread of thoughts, and I can't wait to wear it. I finally feel like I'm coming out of this storm


I have a confession to make. Maybe it ought to be filed in the "quirky-me-never"-post but here goes. I love to windowshop. "So what, K, who doesn't? What's the big deal?". Well. I love to windowshop in supermarkets and I often do it at lunchtime when I have an hour to kill (I never actually lunch at one, I'm always starving earlier). So I wander idly to the nearest supermarket; I work pretty much in the center of the city, so I have enough of a choice as to not get bored. I love the lights, the silence (at least in the lunchhour), I love the fact that it is almost empty and I love the scents of food, the wonderful displays that are *so* abundant. And then I wander around in the lit aisles, taking my time and listening to whatever's on my Ipod and dream. I see the transparently lavender cuttle fish in the fish-market and I dream of cutting it up in paper-thin tagliatelle, drizzle with new olive oil and eat it raw with a big pinch of the sea-weed flav


This video is incredible: Found on Zoomdoggle

Miles away

What needs to be said

I hate Sundays lately. Hate, yes. As in HATE. My Sundays lately are infested with hand-holding couples, happy families, picturesque dog-plays-with-happy-owner-by-the-river-scenes and noisy kids all over the place. Even the weather seems to be in on the plot, it's disgustingly beautiful. I took out my bike earlier. Trying to be a bit positive, I thought maybe I could tire myself enough to not think, to not miss him so damned much. So I took off nicely, pretty on my bike in the sunshine, planning to go the beautiful route along the river, maybe pop up on one of those mountain tops I always look so longingly at, while down here. I know perfectly well that if I ever got there I wouldn't want to be there anyway. Humans are like that. I didn't want my love when I had him, and now that love is gone, I miss him badly. Really badly. I have been beating around the bush these last weeks. Passed time nicely enough but then again, I am never bored. I just concentrate and pour myself

The difference between being alone and being lonely

he sent an sms: "I thought our relationship was based mostly on sex. Now i only miss watching a movie with you on the couch." I was fine (very) with being alone tonight. Now I feel lonely =(


Oooh, I outraced a Ferrari 360 Modena on my bicycle, can you believe it ? Me neither. He just let me win to get a thorough look at my ... beehind. Anyway. Weather is fab, my fridge is stocked again, my cleansmelling laundry is waving gently in the breeze, I'm dancing around the apartment cleaning up and now I'm off to do lunch.

To do

I woke up really early even though I went to bed late-ish. I always seem to wake up 6 hours after I fall asleep. I lay there for a while, trying to fall asleep again (come on it's Saturday) - and then gave up, made coffee and set about doing all those small things that lately make up my weekends. Laundry, cleaning, and later I might go shopping a bit. Ought to do my nails and my hair as well. Write to my mum and call my best girlfriend, I haven't heard from her in a long time. Have a nice Saturday and start out nicely with this laugh:

Berlusconi on Obama

"E' giovane, bello e abbronzato" "He's young, handsome and tanned". I can't believe this. I'm ashamed of living in Italy, I'm ashamed of Berlusconi. F*cking nitwit

About first impressions

Actually the title is cheating a bit. Well, ok a lot. This is not really about first impressions, but about how a picture can give us an impression of a person. A true or false impression; I hope to find out one day. We were very very good friends, (or maybe I was more best friends than she was, it has happened before) we went to school together and then we lived together for a period. We went clubbing together, we laughed, cried and got drunk together and then I moved to Copenhagen and we sort of lost contact. Very normal, people outgrow each other, choose different lifestyles bla-bla-bla. We were... what, 17-18 years old. Yesterday I found this best-friends' profiles on a social network site. There wasn't a lot of information there, but there was one picture. She's looking straight into the camera, she looks like she's eating something, and she has *such* a cold look in her eyes. Like she's bored, or unhappy or just couldn't care less. Arrogant even. I'm p

Wordpress Snapshots tag K-blog

with the following tags: Graphic Designer, Listen to Music, Wines, Princesses, Leather Jacket and Coffee Beans. How fitting is that and are those random words extracted from my posts ? Who can enlighten me ?

Beautiful and soo struggling

Musings II

1. Going too fast by bicycle in the morning makes my just-trimmed-bangs curl backwards and split, so that I get a neat little parting in the middle. Not too hot considering my bangs are approx. 10 cm long =(. 2. That hot arrogant-looking guy i see in the morning near the agency, is a lot less arrogant and a lot more hot, when he sits in a car next to somebody that seems to be his grandad. Not so arrogant now smartypants, eh =) ?

Paul Buchanan: I melt

My very good friend Nix taught me (and he didn't know. Now he does) to keep special music for special occasions. So it is with immense joy i hear and savour Blue Nile tonight. Great feelings deserve great music. The world may crumble and go to hell around my ears when I listen to Blue Nile (and it often does when i do). Enjoy.


Let's get it out of the way as I see it coming: The following is a description of a fraction of nightlife. I was not influenced by drugs or anything stronger than 2 Cubanas. This might actually be true. So decide for yourself I lived a rare moment of perfect happiness yesterday night. In a discoteque yes, (wonder of wonders, I lived a lot of joyous moments in clubs) but it never fails to hit me with the same sense of wonder and awe when all of a sudden I seem to see everything with this clarity. I feel set apart, I feel a voyeur to all these beautiful people struggling to live, to breathe, to come to terms with this life, and that go to the clubs hoping to have fun, and maybe to meet that special someone. Yesterday was special in that it was Halloween and I felt tenderness seeing the energy, the time that some people put into dressing up in beautiful and not so beautiful costumes (it being Halloween). I wandered through the sweating crowd, just smelling my way, drifting with my awf

Lazy Saturday

I am having one of those lazy eternal Saturdays that just seem to stretch and linger forever. I have been doing absolutely nothing all day, I got up early-ish (10.30 which is early considering I went out yesterday and had a blast of an evening at Otel with friends. I have a good energy these days, I am finishing a lot of unfinished business, small stuff; attaching an oversized Pompon on that big (oversized actually) knitted sweater i finished 2 weeks ago, attaching the handle to the bag that broke, sewing on buttons on shirts and doing a bit of laundry.  It is a good feeling taking care of things that I care about. Maybe I'll buy myself flowers =). Have a lovely Saturday. I am having it.

Cake Wrecks

When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. I find this blog soooo funny I almost wet my panties.


i love getting emails from my dad , with the subject: Jul og nytår i Danmark... Yeah!!!! I just can't help it, I am having a fab couple of days! (just about time too, if y'ask me)

40 years of Barolo

I have been looking forward to this day since  Sunday. I have been invited to a wine-tasting in Cortona, more precisely "40 years of Barolo" hosted by Fontanafredda (admittedly not maker of the best Barolos but I will.... you know, sacrifice myself and taste them anyway =). The wines I am bound to swoon over are the following (and obviously I love the thought of wines being older than I am) : Barolo 1967 Barolo la Rosa 1978 Barolo la Rosa 1982 Barolo la Rosa 1996 Barolo la Rosa 2004 and the menu is based on white truffles. Only catch is; I don't like truffles. Neither the white ones nor the black ones. I can't wait to *learn* to appreciate them, I love the thought of food that I don't like now, but that I might appreciate in a few years as my taste changes. I didn't always like beer for example, and I am still learning to appreciate mushrooms, there's a small issue with the... feel of them in my mouth . Tonight might be a good chance to try *yet* again the

The air

smell different in the mornings. There's more earth, more clay, more rot, more musk, more ... decadence in it, it is almost erotic. Like a good red wine that changes, opens up, (gets seduced) yields to the senses once the bottle has been opened. Funny and very typical example of  how small things save my day ...

Quirky? me? never

I am not quirky! I have character and have developed certain habits. I've have been tagged by styx . This ought to be fun and revealing, though obviously I am very normal. 1. I don't like fish if it is served in the shape of a fish , or has been cooked in the shape of a fish. The (obvious and logical) exception is eel. Eel is not fish-shaped. Even though this aversion is perfectly normal i will explain: I love the taste, the look and the perfume of fish. But when it is cooked (boiled, grilled, or put in the oven) whole (as in fish-shaped; see, there is a logic ?), the consistence becomes... dry and wooden. It falls apart (flakes apart) when you touch it with the fork and becomes dry and crumbly in my mouth. And I don't like that. Obviously this has created a few.... problems/misunderstanding/white lies throughout the years, say if a date invites me to dinner and plans on doing fish. How do I explain that i don't like fish-shaped fish without sounding... you know - qui

My latest crime

this teaser and turn up speakers...

A te

Atlantide With huge thanks and abbracci to Silhuet that generously let me play with her words .

Payoff I wish I wrote

DDB for Utica Club (naturally-aged pilsner beer) in long-ago 1965: We drink all we can. The rest we sell. 

Last straw

....production has scheduled *me* to retouch 20 videos *of myself *... Couldn't they get somebody else to do it and spare me, seeing how i'm so tired of myself these last days...

Demon Seed

It keeps growing  And i can feel it breathe  I have been trying  To behave myself It keeps growing  And i can feel it breathe  I have been trying  To tolerate you Well i am reaching the point I thought maybe I thought this would go away But it continues The only constant Every day Stronger I will use my voice  And i will use my fist  To destroy  Everything i can Now i know  What this is all about Now i know  Exactly what i am There is a seed  Inside of me That makes me... Demon Seed by Nine Inch Nails Taking refuge in music. NIN's The Slip - Download it for free here , it doesn't make things allright but it sure drowns out thoughts (that aren't getting me anywhere anyway)


NOT! ...i started out less than brilliant, went meeker and meeker over the course of the evening, and by bedtime I was a sobbing wreck. In his arms. have to touch up on those ole' soldier-skills

Sorry blog

...i'll take it out on you for a mo... I dont really know why, but I hurt a bit today. Had best friends for dinner yesterday, got to show off with my cooking, i had good news to tell about work and they had good news to tell me about work, baby and coming back to live near me. So there's no reason for me really to hurt. I guess I might just take my bicycle, race to the nearest forest and kick some fallen leaves up in the air. Happy Sunday to all of you Not true. Nor that i dont know why, neither that there is no reason for me to hurt. I saw him yesterday. It has been a few weeks that i'm trying to keep a bit of distance to him, it seems i hurt less if i don't read too much into this relationship that promise so little. We are so different, we knew from the start that we have very little in common. And I am keeping him at the distance that is good for me. But I miss him, I would love to tell him, I would love to be the little one, the one that is in need of him to be mal

Sleep debt

I'm in dire need of some quality time with my bed. I spent a wonderful night with the girlfriends yesterday night, though I was on the brink of cancelling last-minute. Good thing I didn't, it was lovely to see them and I got to know some interesting and funny new people as well. I didn't eat very well (it always seems that food isn't a priority to my GFs, hmmm) but we laughed a lot, talked a lot and networked a lot.  I'm spent though. I'll try and get a quiet night in tonight; chicklit, warm soup, Sagi Rei in my ears and my fab red bed... mmmmmm heaven

I'm no less busy

but definitely more energetic these days. I am taking very good care of myself these nights, spoiling myself rotten with good food, good company and good wine. I need that to keep my head up during these insane work-days. And I realize they're never gonna get any less insane, I guess it's part of this branch of work. So. Have a good day, I'll try to


I had a couple of hard weeks. Work was tough, i got stuck (and gave up at least) in my new-apartment-situation (i didn't get it after all, the elderly couple bailed out) and i just felt kind of... tired. In need of vacation. Again. So I painted the apartment I share with a friend (thus deciding to stay), I have the Sky tecnician coming tonight to see what can be done, and I solved the problems at work. All this as if it were nothing. And then i took out my bicycle this morning into the glorious fall. The air that smelled of wet earth and has a almost-icy tingle to it, the leaves falling all over the place and birds everywhere. And I realize that i'm just fine. 

I wish my Mum would, and I'm not angry with my Dad anymore (part I)

One thing I never thought about, but that hit me (hard) a couple of hours ago, is how a great part of the strong women I know and admire (also in Blogland) has certain issues with their mother and certain issues with their father. Much as I tend to click well with men that has absent fathers (mentally or physically), i find that many of the women I admire (and feel lucky to call friends) have issues with their mothers.  Men with absent fathers tend to become more *men* themselves. When I think about it; (whoa) His (BF) dad is dead, two of my best male friends' dad are dead. It is as if men compensate. They lose their role model and has to walk that fine balance themselves, to figure it out on their own. They are men that are raised by women and that often develop a special sensitivity because of that, and so (paradox) become more male in the process. And that's probably the link. Because women (yes, I count myself in) that have dominating (strong) fathers grow up denying that s

Back to Monday then

...already a tiring one. The way my computer broke down Friday proves to be a pain-in-the-beehind now. I have all my backups yes, but our admin-guy is in Milan all day and can't transfer them to me from the server. I can not hook up to our server without him and so I must move files and projects back and forth manually using my 1GB usb-drive. From a Mac. That is not mine.  Grr. I'd rather blog all day, check my mail, browse my fave-blogs or find that gorgonzola-mousse recipe than run back and forth with a stick.

Perfect weekend

I had a perfect weekend. Spa with all the wonderful treatments, loads of heavenly food and wine and lurve lurve lurve (nauseating, I know, but let me wallow in it just a while yet, it's still Sunday =) even though you know i'll post this Monday morning). He had the long massage (and woke himself snoring a couple of times=)) while I did the sauna-iceshower-stunt at least 4 times. I did the turkish bath, the tepidarium, the salt-therapy and then I walked on stones in the mini-jacuzzi (actually it's called a Kneipp but i like mini-jacuzzi better) supposedly re-activating my ... ehm... chakras ? No, wait - that was in the chromotherapy, and they were not re-activated, they were re-aligned. And colored in. Ok. I'm taking the p*ss out of it, but fact is that I'm still soft and tender inside after a weekend with him, and obviously I have to take the weewee on something, to not admit that I miss him already. And the spa was perfect, it was the first time in my life I ever w


and they lend me their internet connection in my favourite Aperitivo-place . MMM, this weekend turns out nicely. And the BF as well ARGHHHH=)

My computer died

... my work one that is. Can't figure out whether I ought to have one minute of silence to honour it or just have an early weekend.... Hmmm - think I'll leave early and mourn all weekend not! I have all my backups and a fine guy to fix it so it's no big damage...

I dreamt

that I plucked seed pods out of my younger brothers hair. Have I been giving him an idea of my reality that isn't right ? Hope those pods won't germ in his head. Don't worry and stay cool bro...I am!

Bring to work tomorrow:

Miralax Syringe The last of my musli bars to inject with laxative. This will be the last time that guy from the office next door steals my snacks ...

Danish kisses

I haven't be able to do nothing useful tonight. I pushed all my to-do-things yet another day ahead and submitted to pure pleasure. I made Baci Danesi (danish kisses as opposed to Baci Perugini (Perugia kisses) - an Italian chocolate classic) - pure dark chocolate treats filled with crushed almond, coconut shreds and freshly ground coffee beans. And then I ate untill I had enough and watched Beautiful Minds, a series of english documentaries about the greatest brains of today - the catch obviously being that the greatest brains today belong to otherwise handicapped people, autistics, down syndroms and blind people. Wonderful documentaries that really set me thinking (yeah, well not too much, I was OD'ing on chocolate remember?), I downloaded them from Youtube. Then Mahjongg on the laptop, fertilized my orchid, knitted a few rounds on my woollen scarf (yes, i knit), and at last hot ginger tea to try (once again) to chase away this cold that won't bloom nor go away. And now I&

How lucky am I

...he sent mail: "I happen to have a ticket for 2 to the Spa in Punta Ala (massage, turkish bath, thalassotherapy, chromotherapy...) What do you say ?" Well, what *did* I say ? I yelled YES!!! (please =))

I realize

that I don't really have an "about me" page like everybody else in Blogland seems to have . And as I am a tiny bit sick and wish for nothing more than to stay in bed and not think too much, this post could be that page. So here goes. I'm danish, female and 34 years old. I have been living in Italy for 14 of those years. My mum says I'm almost Italian, but I know she says so because of my temper, not because I've been here for most of my adult life. I came here to work (hoping for model jobs, got some but realized that I'm not cut for that/not beautiful enough/not ambitious enough - it doesn't really matter anymore) and fell in love with an Italian. After two years we fell out of love, became very good friends and we still are. He reads this blog and leaves sarcastic, flattering and funny comments on quite a few posts of mine. Hi Nix. When I left him I had fallen badly in love with Italy, the food, the language, the culture, the climate, the wine and th

Been up to

something Kyllyan, have you ? You haven't blogged for a few days ? K: Yes, I've been busy preparing a movie, a client has chosen me as avatar on their new site. Ah, so you think you might be a good actress, and have a future in the movies ? K: Well, no, but ... the client didn't have much of a budget, and ehm, I happened to be around, ... the producer saw me, cast me as actress and had me do a test*. Happened to be around eh ? Come on, you wanted to and thought you could do better than a professional actress, elbowing your way to stardom. K: Ehm, no. Actually I designed the site, presented the project and did the translations as well, so I kind of... happened to be around, yes. Ok then. So what's your next project ? What are you going to be working on ? K: It's sort of a priority right now, to stop my collegues taking the p*ss out of me every time I pass, and yell "click here to make me take my clothes off", "click this" and so on . Then I'l


I love unfinished graffiti. Or the kind where somebody starts to write, then have a change of mind and cancel or cover up. I mean, come on; it's not like you're doing worldclass art here. You have a very short time, you have the guts to write on somebody's wall, though it's illegal. At least make up your mind about what you have to say that makes it worth the risk. No ? Or is covered-up graffiti the street-equivalent to kleptomania ? The powerful urge to just have to write/steal *something*, never mind what ? A busdriver honked his horn appreciatively when i whooshed by him, yesterday on my bicycle. Nice, i am not one to turn down a compliment. But he had a busload full of people smiling and waving behind him, probably thinking what *I* was thinking "flirting should be something between 2 persons, not something to share with a load of passengers". I obviously still haven't gotten used to Italians putting their appreciations on display like that*. *(and of

I am tempted

to have an hour-long bath, complete with soundtrack , soap suds, wineglass and candles on the edge of the tub. It's been a very long and stressing day. But I've got work to do, laundry to fix and i can't allow myself the luxury of sinking into myself. Because that's exactly what I do when I go through a difficult moment. I sink down to the bottom of myself, down to the basics, where there's only what I see, what I smell, feel, taste and feel. I can't sink any deeper, it's the beginning of everything. When I strip down to the basic senses and stop trying to find any meaning, reason and conclusions, then I'm living the NOW. It's comforting and safe. And it's where I finally breathe, just exist and where i eventually relax. I'll get to that. Second temptation: grant my last request and just let me hold you, don't shrug your shoulders, lay down beside me sure i can't accept that we're going nowhere, but one last time, let's go th


I realized I was whistling when I pulled out my bicycle this morning to go to work. And I kept on singing all my way down to the river, feeling the fresh morning air in my hair, Paolo Nutini in my ears and casually steering with one hand. The river is so bright in the morning sunshine, I can barely look at it, all glimmery and sparkly. The pigeons are too lazy to get properly out of the way and the fat water rats chase the ducks. The trees just brush my hair as I swoosh by and there is still the scent of green in the air, though it's less obvious, now a bit of cold has come. The magic lasts even when I leave the riverbank to go uptown and into the traffic. I reckon it might be a good one today.

Got it

... the apartment, that is. Have a second appointment tomorrow to nail down the details but the elderly couple would be happy to adopt me, YAY. Thanks to those of you who crossed their fingers/toes/teeth for me =)

A closet more like...

Went to see yet another apartment, 600 m from where I work. It is very small and very crowded, I had the feeling I had walked into a closet. I just can't whip up the enthusiasm anymore, i can't even remember how many places I've seen now. I made up my mind anyway, cross fingers for me, I hope to get the one in Maliseti, with the huge veranda. I'll call tonight and tell them I would love to live there, i feel like this older couple might adopt me.


I had a wonderful evening yesterday night, it was a long time i didn't see my godmother. We had dinner indeed at Montecristo, the grilled calamari stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and the Greek catalana of scampi and shrimps. I even discovered a Sicilian Chardonnay (Fina; note to self) that may match that of Planeta. Incredible. We spoke about her work (she's a tourist guide, she bring Danish people to Italy and Italian ones to Denmark ) and even agreed to get together and *do* something. We spoke about my godfather who was very ill recently, but is getting very well very fast. We both got slightly tipsy and i didn't get to bed before two. And there I went dreaming just when I thought I didn't need it. I dreamt I was at my place with a few friends, chatting and laughing. The door opens and in comes the sister of my ex, with her boyfriend and her uncle (they all lived together in a huge house while I was with my ex). She says "what are you doing here?" - and tha

"One Day" Ghd

Astor Piazzolla

Oooh, forgot... bought music yesterday - 2 real oldschool cds by tango-genius Astor Piazzolla. Check out some here , i recommend you this one

There goes my Wordpress date godmother texted me; she's in Montecatini tonight and we'll have dinner. Neat, i'd love to see her and we can have nice fish in my fave Montecatini restaurant Montecristo. And I can (hopefully) distract myself from him for a while. Actually my agenda's booked this whole week, don't really know if that is a good thing but that is the way it is.


...messed with my template and lost all my links to you bloggers out there *hits her forehead with a flat loud hand* Do not even have the time to fix it now as i am off to do my deviled chicken *makes sense as she will swear her way to the supermarket* patience, i will be back.

wow, got what I wanted this time

finally somebody saw me unfiltered and just for what i am.... *sorry just couldn't help myself*

Less style, more content

I long to be part of this ... internet 2.o. It makes a difference, that "2.o". I have been a multimedia designer for..what...10 years now, but in a monologue way. As in "this is what i do, i decide how you navigate, you may like like it or surf another wwwave (tacky, i just made that up =))". Obviously you can't be a designer and not care about peoples' input, but what i long for is the *immediate* interaction, not the belated feed-back-stats-numbers-percentuals from the webstrategy department. I miss feeling that i'm part of this community, this cyberworld. Being seen for what i am (unfiltered*) as opposed to show what looks nice (designer**). That's quite something isn't it? To think that i may be seen for what i am (unfiltered). On the internet. Wow, naive, innocent even. I don't even know who i'm talking to (default user, reader, YOU out there), my parents might read here, my family, my workmates. And that sets off a totally new thoug

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn't hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster. Lose something every day. Accept the fluster of lost door keys, the hour badly spent. The art of losing isn't hard to master. Then practice losing farther, losing faster: places, and names, and where it was you meant to travel. None of these will bring disaster. I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last, or next-to-last, of three loved houses went. The art of losing isn't hard to master. I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster, some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent. I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster. --Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident the art of losing's not too hard to master though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster.