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Cake Wrecks

When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. I find this blog soooo funny I almost wet my panties.


i love getting emails from my dad , with the subject: Jul og nytår i Danmark... Yeah!!!! I just can't help it, I am having a fab couple of days! (just about time too, if y'ask me)

40 years of Barolo

I have been looking forward to this day since  Sunday. I have been invited to a wine-tasting in Cortona, more precisely "40 years of Barolo" hosted by Fontanafredda (admittedly not maker of the best Barolos but I will.... you know, sacrifice myself and taste them anyway =). The wines I am bound to swoon over are the following (and obviously I love the thought of wines being older than I am) : Barolo 1967 Barolo la Rosa 1978 Barolo la Rosa 1982 Barolo la Rosa 1996 Barolo la Rosa 2004 and the menu is based on white truffles. Only catch is; I don't like truffles. Neither the white ones nor the black ones. I can't wait to *learn* to appreciate them, I love the thought of food that I don't like now, but that I might appreciate in a few years as my taste changes. I didn't always like beer for example, and I am still learning to appreciate mushrooms, there's a small issue with the... feel of them in my mouth . Tonight might be a good chance to try *yet* again the

The air

smell different in the mornings. There's more earth, more clay, more rot, more musk, more ... decadence in it, it is almost erotic. Like a good red wine that changes, opens up, (gets seduced) yields to the senses once the bottle has been opened. Funny and very typical example of  how small things save my day ...

Quirky? me? never

I am not quirky! I have character and have developed certain habits. I've have been tagged by styx . This ought to be fun and revealing, though obviously I am very normal. 1. I don't like fish if it is served in the shape of a fish , or has been cooked in the shape of a fish. The (obvious and logical) exception is eel. Eel is not fish-shaped. Even though this aversion is perfectly normal i will explain: I love the taste, the look and the perfume of fish. But when it is cooked (boiled, grilled, or put in the oven) whole (as in fish-shaped; see, there is a logic ?), the consistence becomes... dry and wooden. It falls apart (flakes apart) when you touch it with the fork and becomes dry and crumbly in my mouth. And I don't like that. Obviously this has created a few.... problems/misunderstanding/white lies throughout the years, say if a date invites me to dinner and plans on doing fish. How do I explain that i don't like fish-shaped fish without sounding... you know - qui

My latest crime

this teaser and turn up speakers...

A te

Atlantide With huge thanks and abbracci to Silhuet that generously let me play with her words .

Payoff I wish I wrote

DDB for Utica Club (naturally-aged pilsner beer) in long-ago 1965: We drink all we can. The rest we sell. 

Last straw

....production has scheduled *me* to retouch 20 videos *of myself *... Couldn't they get somebody else to do it and spare me, seeing how i'm so tired of myself these last days...

Demon Seed

It keeps growing  And i can feel it breathe  I have been trying  To behave myself It keeps growing  And i can feel it breathe  I have been trying  To tolerate you Well i am reaching the point I thought maybe I thought this would go away But it continues The only constant Every day Stronger I will use my voice  And i will use my fist  To destroy  Everything i can Now i know  What this is all about Now i know  Exactly what i am There is a seed  Inside of me That makes me... Demon Seed by Nine Inch Nails Taking refuge in music. NIN's The Slip - Download it for free here , it doesn't make things allright but it sure drowns out thoughts (that aren't getting me anywhere anyway)


NOT! ...i started out less than brilliant, went meeker and meeker over the course of the evening, and by bedtime I was a sobbing wreck. In his arms. have to touch up on those ole' soldier-skills

Sorry blog

...i'll take it out on you for a mo... I dont really know why, but I hurt a bit today. Had best friends for dinner yesterday, got to show off with my cooking, i had good news to tell about work and they had good news to tell me about work, baby and coming back to live near me. So there's no reason for me really to hurt. I guess I might just take my bicycle, race to the nearest forest and kick some fallen leaves up in the air. Happy Sunday to all of you Not true. Nor that i dont know why, neither that there is no reason for me to hurt. I saw him yesterday. It has been a few weeks that i'm trying to keep a bit of distance to him, it seems i hurt less if i don't read too much into this relationship that promise so little. We are so different, we knew from the start that we have very little in common. And I am keeping him at the distance that is good for me. But I miss him, I would love to tell him, I would love to be the little one, the one that is in need of him to be mal

Sleep debt

I'm in dire need of some quality time with my bed. I spent a wonderful night with the girlfriends yesterday night, though I was on the brink of cancelling last-minute. Good thing I didn't, it was lovely to see them and I got to know some interesting and funny new people as well. I didn't eat very well (it always seems that food isn't a priority to my GFs, hmmm) but we laughed a lot, talked a lot and networked a lot.  I'm spent though. I'll try and get a quiet night in tonight; chicklit, warm soup, Sagi Rei in my ears and my fab red bed... mmmmmm heaven

I'm no less busy

but definitely more energetic these days. I am taking very good care of myself these nights, spoiling myself rotten with good food, good company and good wine. I need that to keep my head up during these insane work-days. And I realize they're never gonna get any less insane, I guess it's part of this branch of work. So. Have a good day, I'll try to


I had a couple of hard weeks. Work was tough, i got stuck (and gave up at least) in my new-apartment-situation (i didn't get it after all, the elderly couple bailed out) and i just felt kind of... tired. In need of vacation. Again. So I painted the apartment I share with a friend (thus deciding to stay), I have the Sky tecnician coming tonight to see what can be done, and I solved the problems at work. All this as if it were nothing. And then i took out my bicycle this morning into the glorious fall. The air that smelled of wet earth and has a almost-icy tingle to it, the leaves falling all over the place and birds everywhere. And I realize that i'm just fine.