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Hey Leo - se her

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Hilarious link

I almost peed my pants reading this. Absolutely love it. Do yourself the favour and read this e-mail exchange, I know it is sort of long but it is sooooo funnny. Please design a logo for me. With piecharts. For free.

Long way home

It has been a long trip. And I am not done doing yet. I sort of waited for things to calm down enough to sit down and write a witty, clever blogpost about coming back to Denmark again, as promised (well the post at least =)). Seems though that things are nowhere close to calming down and I miss writing. I read all your posts but huddle up and hide a bit. Rather be silent than just blurp out some of all the stuff that has happened to me and that is happening. Until now. Things are not calming down (why would they, my life has often seemed a mess) so I might as well write about it. Good ones and less good ones. Good: For one thing; I found a job. I figured I might as well combine my love of food and wine with work *and* avoid the inevitable homesickness for Italy. So I made a list of what seems to be the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, wrote applications, printed, upped and went out to 10 of them. I sent another 8 applications by email, some restaurants replie