I am alive, and very very busy. My internet at home isn't working very well, and it just doesn't seem worth the bother to start calling Telecom customer service now. Oxymoron if there ever was one =).

Where do I start ?
Today is my last day at work- it is hurriedly trickling away through my fingers and I am telling myself it is just work, but I know I might need to cry just a tiny bit tonight when I get home. I am quite tear-prone these days and I have been working here for more than 3 years. I started preparing my departure in earnest on the 1st of September and things have been developing just fine, from my handing in my notice, to the written sorting-out-departure-conditions. I might have found a nice room in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen untill I find my feet and gets around to finding an apartment with my love. I will know tonight and if it *is* the place for me, then I will have a place to send all my stuff to, when I go to the transport-company tomorrow to pick up boxes. They will hopefully ship my stuff on Thursday, to arrive in Denmark Tuesday the week after, just one day later than me.
Sounds awfully short doesn't it *? Not worth bothering with all this stress and all these tears. But then again. It's been 15 years, and I collected quite some life here. I'll hope for the best for tonight; it would be nice to know where to send my stuff to.

*And these are very few words for a whirlpool of much more complicated feelings that I can't really give in to yet. I have things to do.

I can't really figure out how to label this post.  Is there any of these labels that doesn't apply ?


Leoparddrengen said…
Good luck with it all!

I must say, when I saw the headline for this post: I was rather curious if it would be in Danish or English... :)
kyllyan said…
haha =). Taenkte jeg ikke lige over. Og tak; ting gaar efter planen lige nu.

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