ooooh have I been busy these days.
I started to make my preparations in earnest on September 1st and I'm exhausted already.

My Tadaaaah!list is shorter though:
I found the transport company that will ship my shoes, my books, my crystalglasses, my bags and basically everything else I have accumulated in 15 years. They ship once every week, on Thursdays and I can expect my habengut to arrive in Denmark on the following Tuesday. And they will do it for a modest 70 euro per cubic meter. Kind of funny to sum up my life here in cubic meters; but I will =).I found out how to pack my stuff (Vacuum, baby Vacuum) and found the machinery (didn't buy it yet, but I will) that reduces my cubic meters with half =).
I dug out my work contract to find out how long a notice I need to give; made the count of dough I need to get, and got a general idea of all the administrative b*ll*cks I need to take care of before I leave.

And of course my Tadaaaah!list includes yet another handful of smaller more specific lists of things to do. People to contact, appointments to make, friends to see, memberships to close, bills to pay, stuff to shut down, stuff to sort, buy, sell, give away or keep. A lot of verbs in short.

But I am going steady.
I am still cooking with what I've got. A bit of fun; a fun chore in the middle of all these (sometimes) tiresome preparations.
I am still looking for appartments or a room just to come home to; something to start out with, while looking for jobs.
I am seeing my friends a lot; I will miss them. And I am still taking in everything; more than ever. I *will* miss Italy, and while I can't wait to get back to Dk, I feel the need to *live* this wonderful country while I'm here.

Sort of forgot to mention that I also stocked up on a tiny bit of yarn for my knitting. Would be a shame; I'm in Prato come on; city of fabrics, yarn and thread.  I'm saving money, really.....


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