Open letter to L.

Hi dearest...and thank you lots for your sms, I didn't know how to get in touch with you and I had only that number. Please send me another number to call you on asap =).

So. How is Holland ? You getting used to it ? It must be so.... different.
All the smallest things, the perfumes when you go out, the food you eat, the language around you. The climate. Everything that constantly reminds you that you are not in Italy anymore. Try and hold on to the sensitivity it gives you, all your senses being bombed with new impressions. That's the fun part, I still remember it from my coming to Italy =).

How about the house then ? You say there's a lot to do there. I gather you're still moving in, painting and stuff ? I hope you won't become all serious and responsible by this great adventure. That you don't take it too seriously. Think of it as a new start, a new beginning. A new way to apply yourself, maybe the biggest challenge of your life 'till now.
I miss you though.
I'll find something funny in the innerwebs and want to skype it to you, knowing that I'll see you later smoking. And then I'll walk by your office and you're not there. I guess somebody else will be IM'ing you soon with funny stuff and smoke with you later on the breaks =). Have you started job-hunting yet? Or friends-hunting for that matter?
And are you planning to stay at your parents house, or is it just a place to relax for a bit before you're off to something else ?
Please write me and let me know, I want to know everything.

As for me.
I'm ready as ever to go. Work is worse than ever, we are all irritable and jumpy. I'm holding my breath and wondering if I should just go now. I miss Martin, and he proved to me he can be my man while he was here. I love the guy and I can't wait to be with him. Soon.

Well enough sappyness for now my dear. I'm off to buy a birthday present for la colomba, she's 32 today and we (her BF and I) organized a surprise party for her. Weather is wonderful (finally) and I'll take my bike and blow off to buy her a dress or something. I wish you were here, we could go out tonight, but I'll see you soon. You come to me or I come to Holland; I want to see you no later than september. Now. Get back to getting your life organized and write soon. I miss you.



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