As the weekend is creeping closer (c'mon, hurry) I realize I might be spreading myself a bit too thinly this weekend.

I spent my evening finding movers yesterday, having a row with my flatmate and I suspect that what I really need is a quiet looooong evening in bed with Lost or a nice book. Instead I found myselv signing up for an evening out with 3 of my best friends, even though I promised my dad to take care of the bl**dy mailserver that ran amok this week. 
I promised to go swimming tomorrow with another friend and her family and in the evening I'm off to Florence for a b-day party.

I am in dire need of a bit of fun, so I ought to do it all and take a break from the whole moving-thing; I'm thinking about it 24/7 lately. 
Actually I've got news concerning work too, but I will tell more when I know more and am certain =). Yet another item off my Tadaaaah!list.

So have a nice weekend everybody!


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