It is yet another one of those hot stormy nights that leave me rest- and sleepless. I still haven't figured out what exactly makes the difference; the direction of the wind, my biorhythms, the cycle of the moon, whatever. Fact is; once in a while I have one of these night. Deep ones.
I feel strangely elated as if waiting for something big to happen. I need to feel the weather physically, I seek the open windows, the wind in my hair, the sound of it in my ears. And I cannot distract myself from it; it feels like an enormous force, like something calling me; beckoning me to be part of it. I long to get out in it; to open my arms and feel it. It always happens at night, and I have had these nights for a great part of my life. I have one childhood memory of me lying in my bed, listening to the wind and waiting for that weird blue light you always see in movie-bedrooms but rarely IRL. I have another memory of a friend and I running outside to dance in the storm at night; it was raining and this same wind was blowing.

It makes me feel so alive; but unfortunately feeling alive does not really agree with sleep.

In Italy we say certain winds (depending on direction, temperature etc) influences peoples' mood big-time. Maybe I ought to do a little research.


Nix said…
but of course... รจ colpa del garbino...

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