I have

a few hours to myself while my parents went shopping for the big dinner tonight.
I'll watch the snow falling outside, have my umpteenth coffee today, listen to Pink and have an hour-long shower.
I am so calm here, i feel soothed like a plant that has been so thirsty for so long, and finally get water. I can literally feel my soul swelling with peace and all my little worry-wrinkles smoothe out as if they were never there.
It's not that I don't miss Italy. I do. I miss my big red bed, I miss my own rhythms of sleeping, eating and staying up or in bed late. I miss my friends and my books. But I feel so protected here, so ... daughter.

I have been thinking about my resolutions for 2009. I never did any.
This year I do. There are certain things I will do/ won't do in 2009.
It is nothing secret though very personal stuff, so I won't post here, but I did buy a book to write resolutions, progress and results in. You know, just to keep my goals clear. I guess I'll sort of keep you posted, at least if there is any progress =).

And for now, I guess I'm out. Have a wonderful evening, and go safe into the new year.


Anonymous said…
Is it snowing in denmark today?
kyllyan said…
Yes, i Laven, Silkeborg. Det var ikke meget der kom, men det ligger der endnu =)
Anonymous said…
Godt nytår, skønne du. Gid dine fortsætter bliver levet ud :)
kyllyan said…
Tusind tak. Og i lige maade =). Virtuelle men ikke mindre varme knusere til jer begge

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