Less style, more content

I long to be part of this ... internet 2.o.
It makes a difference, that "2.o". I have been a multimedia designer for..what...10 years now, but in a monologue way. As in "this is what i do, i decide how you navigate, you may like like it or surf another wwwave (tacky, i just made that up =))". Obviously you can't be a designer and not care about peoples' input, but what i long for is the *immediate* interaction, not the belated feed-back-stats-numbers-percentuals from the webstrategy department. I miss feeling that i'm part of this community, this cyberworld. Being seen for what i am (unfiltered*) as opposed to show what looks nice (designer**).

That's quite something isn't it?
To think that i may be seen for what i am (unfiltered).

On the internet.

Wow, naive, innocent even. I don't even know who i'm talking to (default user, reader, YOU out there), my parents might read here, my family, my workmates. And that sets off a totally new thought. I usually know who my target is, i know how to speak to my target, that's what i do for a living. I don't have a target with this blog. So i'm basically trying to be part of a community that could be anybody. Trying to say whatever I like, to whoever reads, and being seen for what I am.
HAH. That ought to be a challenge.

I don't really know what's underneath this sudden need to "be part of", when for so long it was enough for me just to vent my thoughts. I'm following (not just reading) - following as in "come-back-to-read-and-be-excited-about-how a-date-went-and-if-*insert nick*-is-feeling-better-today-i-wanna-know"-way. I know I wish I had the continuity to write every day, and i know that i'm back now because i left yet another boyfriend so i finally have time and energy to believe that i actually *may* write every day. So I haven't changed that much .

I've seen blogs open and close (and re-open elsewhere). I have read peoples' goodbyes' ("i wrote myself into a corner", "i only wrote about trivial things", "i crossed the line between private and public and decided i had enough". You name it) and i believe i can walk the thin line. Again. I think I might have learned something from all the blogs i follow, have come to love, all the people i have come to feel close to, and that I don't know IRL, and who might be my neighbours for all i know. I have felt sad, elated for these people that pour their thoughts, worries and joys into these blogs. Heck, there's even a blogger i'd like to invite on a date (and pay the air-fare back to denmark to get to know) - maybe one day i'll summon up the courage and just do it.

Well. I'm getting carried away.

I'd like to thank (for what it's worth) the bloggers that let me sneak-peek their lives. I've been following you all for a long time and i long to feel that i'm giving something back (for what *that* is worth). I'd like to offer you a glance into my world. I just hope that i can make it worthwhile.

So i'll try blogging again. After more than a year of silence, Kyllyan is back. With less style but with more content =).

*Afterthought: I'm used to presenting content with style (work-wise). I think i might be in need of expressing more content and less style. Makes sense to me, i like it =).

**AfterAfterthought: More content and less style is my perfect excuse for excess hyphens (that i love so well), joined-words-that-i-tend-to-exaggerate and wandering off wordwise. 'Guess I would have become a copywriter if I knew how to express myself in a easy, straightforward fashion.


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to reading you. Even though it feels kind of weird trying to compete with your impeccable english. You'll have to excuse the potential errors in both spelling and use of grammar :)

Welcome back.

kyllyan said…

lo so, ho ricevuto mess sai.

Your english is perfect as far as I can see. And i choose to write in english because i've got friends in three languages, at least most will be able to follow.

Jeg vil da gerne svare paa eventuelle kommentarer paa dansk, det er jo mit modersmaal.
Og tak for vel-tilbage-komsten, din blog har givet *mig* meget saa takker og i-lige-maader =).
Anonymous said…
Hey there. Really nice to see you in writing - or, that is, writing elswhere than in my comment field ;)
I know I'll love to follow your postings, so please.. fill me in and keep it comming!
kyllyan said…

Whoa, that is quite a compliment from a one of my fave bloggers, thanks, i will try not to let you down *insert smiley, i am on a chinese keyboard and sort of lost for hyphens*

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