It's not my usual restlessness, that hits me in a matter of hours and that goes away in a matter of hours. I am sort of busy these days, don't even have time to clean up and do my laundry. I am working a lot, and things are moving under the surface there. Good things and not so good things. I feel like I am in the middle of a transition-period, I feel like I want new stuff to happen. I have energy to sell.

I also hooked up with an old friend here, and we're talking about opening the Copenhagen chapter of Improveverywhere (yes, they already have a chapter but it seems they're not very active) - we have a few good ideas. And very much fun discussing them, my friend (let's call him Mo) is one of those people I just click with; instantly, he has the same wacky (non)humour as I have; it is so good to meet up with him again. And good to feel that I have a person here that *knows* me, that I don't have to get to know slowly and start all over again with. I have missed my friends so much, and having one here is fabulous.

And then I have actually started on my showreel. My multimedia-design-would-maybe-like-to-do-just-8-hours-of-design-a-week-showreel. Lot of work as I haven't updated my CV and showreel for the last 4 years. I have collected all the material I want it to showcase, it took for me forever but it is a start. And sort of a big thing that I got started too. I have waited for my need to create, to show its head. In bigger things, not just in bouts of photographing my lilies or myself. Or cooking.
Putting together my showreel is going to take some time, I am not entirely decided yet on the type of jobs I would like to do, but I have begun. And it feels good.

A lot of things are cooking right now. I feel like I am not entirely on top of it all but spring is here. And I feel like I have the energy to cope with it. Good start; not bad after all.


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