It took me by surprise.

I was shopping and passed the supermarket on my way home, to pick up tomatoes for the buffalo mozzarella I have in the fridge. I was wearing my Ipod as usual - it's shuffling - something I never allow it to do, but these days I rediscover music I forgot I had.

I walk into the supermarket and directly into the fruit and vegetables compartment. I can't make up my mind, there's so much beauty and inspiration here and I have all the time in the world. I linger for a long time, and my mind wanders, I have to pick a white wine for tomorrow as well, a task I love. My eyes feast on the bright red of tomatoes, on the bright colours and shiny waxiness of all the vegetables in the compartment. The deafening and seducing scent of basil.

And suddenly I remember him telling me about tender bits of basil leaves wrapped around new Danish strawberries. They're both here, strawberries and basil, but I'll wait. I want to eat it with him. And as I realize what I'm thinking, Imogen Heap start singing (omg) Goodnight and Go in my ears.
And I am misted from above.
Seriously. By those... thingies that keep the vegetables fresh and moist in some supermarkets =).
And I am, for one perfect moment, blindingly, perfectly, blissfully lykkelig.


Uden Relevans said…
Cue audience going: "Aaaawwwwww! :D
kyllyan said…
Hej Morfar =). Jaaaaaa. Flere af dèn slags oejeblikke til os alle =)

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