About romanticism

My mum lost her weddingring. She lost it a couple of years ago, took it off, along with a ring her mother gave her, and simply left it there. I never knew, I suppose she felt ashamed about it (I know, I would*). And she told me just now; days before my parents' anniversary.

My dad offered to give in *his* wedding ring, have it melted and made into two thinner wedding rings so they could share his. Must be the single most romantic thing I have *ever* heard.
Brought tears to my eyes.

*though I excuse my mum. She suffers very much from arthritis, and cannot always wear her rings, let alone hold a cup of coffee.


Lotte said…
*sigh* That really is something...
kyllyan said…
Mmmmm =). I don't see myself as a romantic, but hell; a gesture like that? Sooo touching.

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