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I'm going through a rough period after the breakup with the boyfriend, that was one of the reasons for coming home to Denmark. It wasn't meant to be, but never mind that, I spent thoughts and logic enough on that one, things aren't gonna change sitting here inventing possible different scenarios. So I'm questioning myself again, asking myself again what went wrong, hell, what is to be written on our tombstone. Throwing away all the little things that remind me of him, mentally erasing what can be erased. But I'm diverting, this wasn't what I wanted to write about.

I'm cooking again and this is why I started out with the premise of him.
I cook, draw, and walk more when I'm not happy. I guess when I'm fine I'm just out there living =).

I haven't been cooking much lately, what with my working in the restaurant, it seems to satisfy me enough that I don't feel the urge to cook at home. But I realized I miss it today.

I had a sudden craving for pears, remembered reading a recipe somewhere and before I knew it I had bought a lot of stuff and was *serenely* cooking.
Getting lost in slicing the sweet sweet pears, feeling them melt in my mouth and slide over my fingertips. I had forgotten about the pleasure, the pure sensuality of cooking.
I get totally lost. I disappear into my senses, the scent, colours, taste and feel of the food. To me it is pure creation, pure relaxation, meditation even. And it is sooo good for me. It is balm to my restlessness, to my hurt, to the neverending questions to myself these days. There is nothing more satisfying though than to cater to such a basic need. There is nothing purer to me. And I totally forgot what it does to me.

Bonus being that there is something yummy to eat afterwards too =).

So, here's what I did and links to recipes (they're not my inventions), sorry for being late, I didn't even realize how late I was running =).

Tortino di pere e zabaione al marsala (Small pearcake with marsala-cream) and Chocolate Puddle Cookies (small miracle this one - incredible and easy-peasy. Only thing to keep an eye on is cooking time). The chocolate puddles works splendidly with Lagavulin and David Sylvian too =).


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