Making a new friend

She's a friend of my brothers wife and I have met her at different family-get-togethers through the years. I always liked her, she's my own age, we have a lot of things in common. I have wanted to see her more now that I am home, but I haven't called her as much as I would like to. She called me yesterday evening and we went out for a few drinks, ended up touring around town and finished with breakfast at KFC at 4 in the morning. She slept over and we had breakfast then lunch as the hours went by and we just kept on talking; skipping effortlessly between deep and shallow,  laughing and generally having a good time. I enjoyed it  *so* much and am so happy today. It feels like I have found a new friend.

I talk to my closest Italian friends a lot but they're far away, and while friendships thrive even long-distance, I miss them and would like to share this adventure with them. Not only by phone, but IRL. I would like to share my newfound love for Copenhagen, the cooking of Danish food, the sunshine, the place where I work, the beautiful graffiti where I live, the walks, the parks, the whole melting pot of cultures this place is.

But most of all I miss the small things of friendship. A glance where no words are needed, a smile, a joke that spawns laughter that turns into even more laughter for the sake of it, for the sheer joy of laughing. The goodwill that makes everything allright, that acknowledges "just trying", that awards just being who you are. The recognition in thought, in feeling and the curiosity when you don't understand but cares enough to try and understand, to ask again, and don't feel stupid for asking.

I don't make friends easily and most of my friends go a long way back, so I almost forgot what it is like to make a new one. It feels good.


Nix said…
Italian Roller League?
Indy Racing League?
Industrial Research Ltd?

shit what the hell does she mean?
kyllyan said…
IRL: In Real Life, dear. Acronymfinder anyone =) ?
Leoparddrengen said…

But I still don't get your love for KFC. I'll have to check it out again, sometime.

Is there something special you can recommend from them?
Bloggalicious said…
I definately agree that it's hard to make brandnew friends in Denmark where people are so introvert and concerned about their own lives. Especially when they have found a lifepartner and made their home their castle. Many couples have traditions with other couples and have no interest in getting to know new people.
Like you, I also made a new friend recently. One of my best girlfriends' girlfriend who is also single and w/out any children. We also went out and had a great time, even though we didn't know each other that well beforehand. Well, when you suddenly feel like you belong to some kind of rare species of 'Single Girls in their 30s' you gotta stick together and fight for your right to party - n'est-ce pas?
kyllyan said…
Thanks, it really *is* nice, and it took me some time too, I've been home for more than 6 months now (who's counting =)).
From FCK i love the buckets of chicken, i prefer the drumsticks and wings (i'm not too much for the less tender breast meat).

I realize though that I have a very special thing for FCK. While in Italy, I spent weeks searching for the secret recipe (and I found it), tweaking it to perfection to be able to make something like it myself. My FCK chicken is fabulous now but it takes +24 hours to make and just being able to walk in and order it, is wonderful. So probably I'm a bit more forgiving as to the quality of it all =). Their coleslaw is wonderful too. But don't be mistaken; it's still fastfood and should be enjoyed as such, there's no culinary finesse to it.
kyllyan said…
Ah, oui, c'est comme ça =). I realize people look for friends in likeminded persons, people to have something in common with. But really, it has been a long time since I found new friends, and my best long-time friends are actually people I *don't* have much in common with. That's probably why I felt this bonding-thing instantly; we clicked immediately and it was just sooooo nice.

And yeah, let's obtain world domination with the 'Single Girls in their 30s'-club - we rule =)!

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