I grew up in the countryside.
As in a place with < 2000 inhabitants.
Our house was the last house (on our side of the road ) before the fields meet the forest at the horizon. In front of the house were more fields and a long winding gravel "road" known as "hundevejen", where people would walk their dogs.
"Hundevejen" was also our playground. I remember bike-racing there, parking the bikes at the side of the road to stop at a little bunker, where we whispered in hushed voices about dead men coming back to haunt the place. The bunker was basically just a concrete cube with no lid, always filled with black, stagnant water, but it was easy to imagine drowning there and pretending to see white bones poking out of the water. I can't remember what games we played but I remember lowering myself into the concrete hole once, heart hammering.
I think it was a dare.
Anyway; I'm digressing here.

Thing is.
I remember the feeling of this "Hundevej". I don't remember exactly what games we played (and surely kids need no design of a game to play) - but it seems we spent a lot of time there. And this place often shows up in my dreams. I dream a lot, and often while I dream, I will remember other dreams I had totally forgotten about, as if my inner dream universe goes on without me, until I get back in.

My dreams are so real, that I almost cannot tell the difference between what I remember from my childhood, and what I have dreamed happened. I know for example that I once spent 3 days in a little clearing along that road, in what started as a picnic, and ended up as a 3-day hostage situation, where I could not move from that clearing, and my friends had to bring me more water and food, me sitting there like a little princess waiting for who-knows-what-ransom.
I know I dreamt that one =), but it feels so real and I think we might have made a picnic there once, and that the memory only surface in my dreams.

One of my first nightmares also took place there. A recurring nightmare, one that I would forget about until I had it again, many times throughout the years.

I find it fascinating how we can totally forget things and then a scent, a sound or a dream might trigger something and open up a whole new universe of memory.

I would like one day to go back there, take a walk down Hundevejen, Memory Lane and see what else (if anything) I remember.


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