A few things I didn't need to know

..."You're actually surrounded by snakes, some people are just waiting for you to go down, but I know that's not gonna happen".

..."and they're so curious, they speculate as to why a woman like you doesn't have a boyfriend. They just don't understand who you are, don't think about it."

Well, I didn't. Until now.
It hurt though I didn't show it.

Probably also eased the hurt that I overheard him tell another waiter "she's got more coglioni than any man I know."

Guess that's what I get for having drinks with my co-workers and staying sober.

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PenPal said…
Life is a series of choices. Som choices are made by not choosing. It makes living possible, and acceptance of ignorance bearable...

Merry X-mas, i just love reading your posts.
kyllyan said…
I don't know if I understand your comment correctly.
Ignorance is bliss because I don't really need to know these things? (and that knowing them will only curdle my enthusiasm)
If that is your point, then I agree :).
Happy Christmas to you too, good to see you're still around.

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