Snippets of these days

- "So no kids, eh ? Hm. Probably you shouldn't even have a boyfriend."

-"You call me anytime. Middle of the night, whatever, you call me, 24/7".

-" You ought to watch yourself. Your mom's here now and your grandma was here before her. Probably runs in the family".

-"You sure you don't want to get married ? You cook really well too."

-"You're quite the snobby girl, aren't you? Probably think the sun shines out of your ass, don't you? "

-"It's quite easy to fall for you, your passion, enthusiasm and looks."

-"You're starting to scare me."

-"What's up, kitten ? Still landing on your feet ?"

-"Well, you aren't known as the most diplomatic person ever."

-"You're the best boss I ever had."

-"Come to the party, it's bound to be fun. It's Pimps and Hoes at (----insert fancy hotel----). You could be a wonderful Pimp, just come as you are."


kyllyan said…
Nice clip, exactly how I envision a pimp. But I don't like to look as one. Unbeknownst =).
Might have gone a little overboard there with wild hair and furry vest =)
kyllyan said…

Thinking about it.
Probably better than "You could be a wonderful Ho', just come as you are" =)
Nix said…
yes great snippets but what about: The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
i thought you would love it
kyllyan said…
I did love it dear.
I'm in a lot of mess these days, hence the snippets. Meant to write or call you one of these days, but it always seems to get too late. Will get back to you though.


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